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Roku streaming stick REVIEW + SETUP



  1. Bought brand new, connected, stick lighted, BUT NO setup screen show up! the light flashed once on the remote, and nothing, NOTHING happens. Anything wrong? Tried on two different TVs, same result — not working!

  2. How is this different from Roku streaming media player SE?

  3. Can you stream NHK World on ROKU?

  4. instructions not clear, dick stuck in toaster

  5. krishna chaitanya

    Nice Review. Great Job!!

  6. Please help i dont find Google play store on roku stick

  7. we all have great kids… tell that guy in canada whos kid charged 8000 dollars to his xbox game with his credit card lol

  8. https://my.roku.com/signup/nocc <<< No credit card is required for Roku…

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