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  1. I purchased this yesterday. I disconnected my tv from the UVerse box and the Roku menu never came up. I don't know what went wrong. Do you have any idea?

  2. I purchased this yesterday. I disconnected my tv from the UVerse box and the Roku menu never came up. I don't know what went wrong. Do you have any idea?

  3. Can I charge the the roku with the USB in back if the TV? 

  4. Great Vid! Did you "cut the cord"? I did and enjoy my Roku 3.

  5. You have a good voice for doing an audio review. But, being in Canada a lot of what you reviewed is not available here. I know I can access the US content if I mess around with software but I'd rather keep it simple.

  6. Jimmy great video I am thinking about getting the Roku Stick or Roku 3 to watch and upload my own private channels any suggestions? Via the stick are you still able to easily access the private channels?

  7. Thanks for the review. Great to see some of its capabilities before mine comes along.

  8. John Schaeffer

    So I want to buy a Roku but I may have a problem.. I dont have the best WiFi signal in my room. I wouldnt mind the long load times to get to channels but with a 2 bar WiFi signal (according to my phone) would Netflix be laggy?

  9. Thank you, great review!

  10. Q: Can I get live news channels on the Roku?
    A: Yes. You may be able to find such channels at the store or as private channels listings but most US 'mainstream' news channels only offer a selection of recent on-demand videos.

  11. Mark Portch (blinder2)

    Hi can you tell me does this device have channels on say documentrys or history or wildlife ect.Im from England and I can't find anything on this.

  12. It's not all Roku's fault for the huge lack of content on the Canadian Roku streaming stick. Many are blocked by the content providers who don't have the rights to the Canadian market (yet) but that being said, Apple manages to bundle quite a nice selection of content into the Canadian version of the Apple TV box, so why can't Roku come up with better than they do? And, why do they charge us MORE for their stripped down device than they do the US version with all its great selection of channel choices? 

  13. Nice review. Unfortunately, the Canadian version of this streaming device is not worth the money, which ironically is $10 more than the US version. All of the premium content such as Blockbuster, MGo, Amazon, Hulu, etc., etc., has been stripped out leaving virtually nothing left but Netflix and YouTube and whole lot of worthless internet TV crap. Very disappointing.

  14. I think maybe you should add some sort of ranking system to your videos whether they be x/10 or maybe different scores in different categories then an average. I just think it'd be a nice way to get a nice general feel of your opinion on the products.

  15. Jacob Patterson

    The hulkster 

  16. I've had Roku for a few months I'm totally happy with this device and it's not so bad having a 3rd remote : )

  17. Great video as always Jim!

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