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Roku Ultra – Review of 4K UHD TV streaming device



  1. thanks for testing out the voice, it was inconsistent just as I expected. I'd like to see performance like how long it takes to load up a 4k HDR movie.

  2. Great, short review! Thank you!

  3. Gerasimos Spiratos

    is there any way to turn it off ???????

  4. Well, it has digital optical output, which I need. My oldest Apple TV box has it, but none of my current Ruku do. In a theater, with a projector via HDMI, there would be no audio otherwise. So, I will check this out. So far, I have never had a dud ROKU and I have had the first one (that had every connection device available but no long is supported by ROKU) and a half a dozen other ones. They are all good. Amazon firestick, not so good (slow and often turned off). Apple good too, but ROKU is better.

  5. Good luck streaming 4K video unless you have a god-tier internet.

  6. ROKU..content keeps disappearing Roku needs to purchase more content If people are gonna invest in these internet streamers they should add way more free channels

  7. José Alejandro Silva

    😀 xD great video

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