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Samsung 4K UHD LED TV 55′ UN55F9000 Unboxing & Review – HE Insider – Home Entertainment by D-Tronics



  1. scary

  2. TheOne AboveAll

    is it just me or does he look like Jeffery Dahmer

  3. Well, this trumps Trumps hairdo.

  4. U need a new barber not a new TV

  5. Mailoveron Veron

    horrible tu pelo hijo de puta

  6. where's the little girl

  7. Nname Withheld

    "We are going to go over the smart features" Not so geeky man, not so.

  8. your hair WTF??…?……..

  9. you not be ready technology go too fast per year for two something will come out faster,downlink less energy, newer and better
    this video is marketing bullshit

  10. muy buena opcion q cuenta con diferente opciones de coneccion y una buena imagen

  11. Please share the picture settings in your TV.

  12. Too early for 4k, I'll buy when it's mainstream.

  13. Is the un55f9000 a cheap tv

  14. jeffrey churchill

    not a bad video, but it still takes the stance of trying to inform viewers of "facts" and "features" specific to this tv model that are not accurate. 1 in particular thats a big standout: this tv does not offer the "cinema black" option you mentioned where the letterbox bars on top and bottom of the screen have the LED's completely turned off. that feature is available on samsungs stepdown f8000 model, not the f9000. the bars dont stand out terribly or anything like that, but they arent a feature you would want to list as a perk. not much different looking that any other standard tv's letterbox bars honestly which is quite a dissapointment to leave this super great feature available on a lesser stepdown model, off of this their flagship top of the line 2013 model

  15. good vid

  16. Joey Rodriguez

    Hands down looks really good 

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