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Samsung 5 Series HD LED TV UE40H5000 – AO.com Review



  1. does this tv play movies from itunes if i were to plug inn a tablet or iphone ?
    does this tv have a usp plug in and a headset plug in for gaming headsets
    ihave a older samsung that has head set function but looking to upgrade to a bigger tv

  2. This Tv isn't a Smart Tv?

  3. I using sumsung led 32 serious 5000 .some problem .

  4. +ao.com Products  Hello, i am really interesting in this TV,so far everything is perfect.I just have maybe 1 stupid question will try to explain it ahaha 
    best to say it ,those this screen have like  glossy screen ? ,for some reason i really like glossy screens,it feels like the picture is better  🙂 
    THX !!

  5. Oualid azeroual

    Is it good for a playstation 3?

  6. flatlander1996

    Thats a nice Tv and im thinking of buying it but i have one thing that bugs me.Will football mode work only for US football (rugby) or also European (soccer) .Pls answer!

  7. Nice pragmatic review 👍

  8. Good tv but if you sit closer to the tv the image looks a bit Low quality

  9. The 32" version of this won the bedroom test on the Gadget show last week. 

  10. Just bought this tv. Good review. 

  11. Is it good for a playstation 3?

  12. What is the response time of this TV in ms for gaming? My interrnet is crappy so I don't know if its on the vid.

  13. How good is it for playing games on and watching films on? Refresh rate wise?

  14. Hi, thank you for the review!

    Can someone tell me if the Samsung Plexi Glass Logo lights up?

    Is there a setting I have to change?

    thank you

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