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Samsung 55-inch MU7000 (MU8000) Review: 4K, HDR, Gaming



  1. 01:50 price
    02:20 syle
    04:25 inputs
    04:55 picture quality
    08:00 colour performance
    10:20 motion
    13:10 video processing
    15:50 HDR
    20:08 Gaming
    21:35 Overall view roundup
    22:30 comparisons
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  2. Is the Samsung MU7050 81inch the same as this? Or what is that 50 @ the end mean? You got a nice channel, congrats

  3. Very good job Vincent! thank you very much

  4. Thanks for this Vincent! Not seen any other video with the level of info on this model! Well done… especially the support legs of the tv! I didn’t know it had two slots for smaller tv stands.

  5. sony x900 it good than Samsung ? thanks

  6. achraf bakhouch

    what's the name of the movie in 16:55 please

  7. Music Is My Medicine

    Mu7000 EU and Q6F are about £100 difference now. Anybody know which is better?? Any reply much appreciated 😀

  8. You are great, I haven't seen reviews like this, thank u

  9. Sylvex Dragonskin

    The flickering is super annoying though :/

  10. Quantum Apotheosis

    Is this entry level to high with 99.9 oled black like the 900E?
    You realise the 900E is the best tv ever right?
    Admit it or I’ll make another 5000 vids saying your a paid off shill

  11. can you do samsung mu6500 calibration settings,their are non on youtube

  12. It's great to hear your really dig into the many different technical aspects of this TV and this TV versus others. However probably because of my hearing, I'm never quite picking up what you're saying about the type panel Samsung is using in this TV. I know you say it;s edgelit system with 10 local dimming zones(columns) and it has a native 120Hz refresh rate but you keep saying it's using something like a VA panel as opposed to some other less expensive panels that are using something you call an IPS type panel. Anyway can you just mention very briefly what are key differences between the current 3 or 4 technologies used in the current 2017-2018 model year 4K lineup of TV's. I'm not referring to the quantum dot aspect of the Q-LED's either.
    Side-note: I hope you'll soon be reviewing the 2018 Samsung Q9F & Q8F Q-LED TV's. I'm thinking of buying the Q8F version in 65" and wondered how much real difference there will be between these two TV sets.

  13. Seems hard to find a review of a UK MU8000. The one with the centre stand.
    Well seen one today, but not impressed by the shop sky+ signal, everyones face looks like it was melting wax work. Also considering a MU7000 Premium UHD, so would that be better than a standard MU8000? Seems like there are two models of MU7000 out there.

  14. How does this compare to the Sony xe85 ?

  15. I've been doing research for hours now on what is the best 4k gaming TV for my budget and I think I'm finally sold on this one. This was such an honest, down to earth and informative review unlike so many others which always seem like sponsored ads and feel like they're mainly directed towards people with a huge budget. Thanks a lot.

  16. Abdulrehmanwarraich Arw

    please tell me samsung mu7000 menu code

  17. Just purchased this TV for £699 i hope it’s nice!

  18. Things that viewers also want to know is.
    how is the grain dealt with on this tv?
    Grainy mess is distracting and you cant concentrate when dancing grain is on someones forhead.
    And how does it handle 480p?
    Not everything got a new release.

    Is the blacks on here too black?
    Cuz too black means you cant see night scenes.
    These are my questions. Lol

  19. What is the difference between this model and the mu6300 model?

  20. is sony x900e better tv?

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