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Samsung 65 Inch Curved UHD 4K LED Smart TV Unboxing & Review!



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  1. clarisse mizrahi

    when Samsung and Apple gets along lmao

  2. Yo we dont even see image or video how good it is noob.

  3. My parents surprised me and my brother with this :P

  4. lmfao when the bootup came on i though it said snart tv 😂😂😂😂 laughing to hard atm

  5. My freaken internal speakers don't work !!! 😡 it keeps saying headphones

  6. Haha, you took the two biggest rivals, samsung and apple, and put them together? Samsungs curved 4k tv with apples apple tv haha jk

  7. Unboxing using kitchen scrissors…. very manly

  8. Aaron Skoolmastah

    what camera did you use for filming?

  9. have one

  10. Ill be using it only for playing games :P

  11. Awesome!

  12. JackTheFurryPlayer

    I got this TV to ^_^ just LOVE it 😀 … a lot of work to buy it :D

  13. I just got one today, thanks to your reviews!! im so happy with mines!!

  14. Lol we have an LG thats way better

  15. how blu ray look on there?

  16. EternalMelancholy1

    How black is the black?

  17. I'm getting this tv delivered this morning yeehaww

  18. Man that's small compared to my TV

  19. Better to watch your gay porn on.

  20. I have got this tv, best picture ever

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