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Samsung 65KS9500 Curved 4K HDR SUHDTV Review!!!



  1. how do I update my JS9000 to the new 2016 software?

  2. Also, have you been able to compare it with the LG G6? If I'm going to stay at 65", I'm leaning toward OLED.

  3. Can you comment on how well the TV responds to glare? And do they have a flat model for 2016?

  4. just bought a 65 inch oled this has nothing on that

  5. Will you review the KU6500?

  6. Hiya. Nice review. Just found out about the NEW HDR format in Tv's. Looking at info and reviews just now. The Panasonic and Sony look good as well. Thank you

  7. What % of the DCIP3 does it cover? What's % of the Rec.2020 does it reproduce? This is more of an overview than a review without those specs.

  8. Change it to wumbo

    this TV is too expensive. I'm alright. vizio p seems like a better buy.

  9. the average guy1983

    nice, ive seen some angry customers on best buy .com describing led edge bleeding from the corners of the screen no mater if you have the screen on movie mode with the backlight at zero. i had that experience with my samsung un55js7000 but samsung replaced the panel in 72 hours and the new panel fixed the led issue. i can tell that the tv you reviewed did not have that problem. thumbs up man. i might consider the 65 inch ks9000 flat panel version or the 78 inch js8600 tv for about 3k more.

  10. This TV is just amazing man. Great review bro. keep up the good work.

  11. edge-lit….. so that sucks

  12. besides the curved screen is there any big difference between the ks8000

  13. this is a curved screen right

  14. @Boorededatwork.com How does this compare to the ks8000

  15. Looks too thin to be direct back light.. Was there any light bleed / ghosting?

  16. Your channel do shine trough tvs review

  17. Павел Сазанков

    Can it control Apple TV?

  18. ZenZory Overload

    I love that new IU that Samsung using…..great review btw

  19. UltraJamZHD | RGN

    How are you playing a game on movie mode 😳lagggg

  20. My one year old 4K Samsung tv is still to receive any updates. It has redundant apps, and I wouldn't recommend the OS in a million years. Quality however is the best out there.

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