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Samsung H6350 LED TV Review



  1. I changed it to PC mode, but the gamemode under setting>general>gamemode is grayed out and unavailable on my tv setting.. How come? :)

  2. YungShep PSN Channel

    this tv is well within my price range right now..this review just makes the purchase logical..thanks!

  3. I'm having a hard time deciding between the 6350 and the 7150. The 6350's quality for the price is outstanding, but the quality of the 7150 is even better (plus the great remote it comes with). The price difference between the two is pretty noticeable. 

  4. How many HZ?

  5. Diego Armando Najera Gonzalez

    which is better, Lg 42LB6500 or 40UB8000? 

  6. I should be getting my 65" model in the next few days…I can't wait!!!

  7. How do you turn off the TV input?

  8. Thanks for the review. I have watched almost all the review videos that you have posted. 
    Which one out of these two would be better. Samsung UN48H6350 (48") or Vizio M502I-B1 (49.5")

  9. how bad is that input lag? if i got a smaller size, like a 40 inch would i be fine for pc gaming? or normal gaming?

  10. Thanks to this review, I've made my choice to order this TV. 

  11. how many inch is the tv in the video?

  12. Thanks…i just ordered it online…once it arrives will check for things you posted….!

  13. Great video and review. Thanks for getting into the real details of what the TV can actually do. Thanks for the input lag is well great to know this I'm a gamer

  14. AwesomePianoMan1

    Just got this tv (48 in). What configurations would you suggest for a room that's completely dark?

  15. I bought the 6350, but I first bought a the sony 600b. I just can't believe how much the samsung is better. I exchanged it on the last 15th day at bestbuy. I hate returning anything, but I decided to stop by bestbuy and they had a TS01 panel(hate the fact that you can get a lesser made panel from Samsung) in stock & it was still at the sale price at $549.00, when I bought the Sony it was around $200 more. Even if the price was at that price, I would still buy it. The Samsung is just better in every way. The one I cared most was the viewing angle. Sony seem to be good tv, that's why I almost kept it, but it's made with cheap plastic, none lighted remote and I thought I would be able to control my ps3 blueray feature with it, but I was wrong. RTINGS review is correct, but to really see what he talks about is trying both tv's. To lower the motion blur feature he mentioned is way too dark to enjoy watching or playing. Get the samsung with a ts01 panel if you want a nice 40" tv! Still can't believe how much the Samsung is better and the sony was good, but it's tech and interface seems a couple years behind Samsung 

  16. Thank you for helping me put it into PC mode.  What an unintuitive way to have to set that.  My screen was blurry and washed out before setting it correctly.

  17. is the viewing angle problem makes this a deal breaker?

  18. jerryflores3017

    Anybody know where I can find the tv calibrations that best suit this tv?

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