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Samsung H6400 LED TV Review



  1. Arnold ????

  2. Bad Player Blaming Everyone

    Hello ! I am planning on buying this TV, would you recommend it for gaming ?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. TheDuarteCotta


  4. Could you please tell me the difference between H6700 vs H6400? I have the option to buy a 50" H6400 almost at the same price of a 48" H6700 and wonder if the differences between the two are that big and worth to go for the smaller one (H6700)?

  5. I'm trying to choose between 48' SAMSUNG H6400 and a 50" SONY W800B…

  6. considering picture quality, gaming performance and movie playback performance what would you recommend between this and the sony w828b/w829b?

  7. Valeriu Parvan

    Great review!
    Can you tell me please what would you choose between Samsung 55H6400 and LG 60LB650V?

  8. so basically your paying way more because its 3D ?

  9. Hi can you please suggest me which tv to buy Samsung h6400 or Samsung h7000 edge led??

  10. X_Reptile_BiH_X

    how is this tv for ps4 gaming? shuld i get Samsung 48" 3D Smart LED-TV UE48H6275XXE.  or Samsung 48" Smart-TV SAMSUNG UE48H6475

  11. 1991ClarkJames

    Fantastic review, many thanks!

  12. Jelmar Stijnen

    I was wondering what to get.
    This or the Sony W7/W8?
    The TV will mainly be used for gaming on a PS4 and watching films.

  13. Frank (Frankie)

    Thanks for the review!

  14. Dovydas Vilčinskas

    Great review, that is what i was looking for :)

  15. Great channel and very good reviews. Since you have reviewed this, can you please advise regarding the H6670/H6700 – whether if it is the same as H6400 or if its slightly better or worse. On paper H6670/H6700 has slightly more features, but I hope the Picture Quality (uniformity, DSE) is still great

  16. Héctor Mendoza

    Great review. Have you had the chance to try the LG LB7000 led model?My doubt is about the improvement from the LB6300 version.

  17. LegionWings MA-SB

    Nice review!
    Also, thank you for the dark room tests.
    The deeper the blacks the better.:)

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