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Samsung JS9500 and JS9000 SUHD TV – Which? first look review



  1. Daniel Guevara

    Remote won't work after a while

  2. Hello, can someone help me i cant connect the smart remote controler i mean i can only turn the tv off with it but i cant use it for nothing else pls help

  3. reimi montero guevara

    this control work on js7200

  4. Ok, so there is no difference between the tv's besides the extra thousand dollars?!

  5. Muhammad Tariq

    is this controller motion sensor too?
    what remote comes with :
    the Samsung UE65JU6500

  6. Music volume is loud can't hear what is being said

  7. why the rubbish music

  8. The difference in picture quality between LG's OLED and the Samsung JS9500 is VERY small. Furthermore, the Samsung is far brighter, and supports full HDR playback, while the OLED only provides HDR through streaming, and NOT HDMI sources.
    Lastly, the Samsung is FAR less expensive. Seriously, i think people just ASSUME that the OLED is better because everyone else says so. Go take a look at them side by side and tell me you see a big difference.

  9. Had the 65 inch JS9000 for a week now and I'm blown away by it 🙂 light bleed, clouding very good and smart led works great to rid any you may suffer from, Uniformity is just perfect no dse at all which I hate as I watch a lot of football. The motion is great too and can be tweaked to your preference. Maybe I just got lucky with a great panel but I'm a very camper right now.

  10. The music interferes hear what you say
    Lack mind putting music

  11. So nice 

  12. Chris Purolover

    Wow. What an amazing beauty.

  13. Joseph Horihan

    just buy the side by side you had could you tell a difference in the two? I think im about to get one i just dont know which yet. Any idea when yall will be putting them to the test?

  14. Amazing picture quality and much more than tv with smart features .3D without glass.

  15. I absolutely love how YouTube on mobile does not provide the links in the video. Is it really that complicated to have links work on a phone.

  16. Its an impressive lcd tv with led backlight. But no match for oled.
    Sony generally produce better lcd than samsung. But this is up there.
    Design wise it looks outdated.
    Its all about bezel less tvs

  17. I need One Samsung JS9500 .

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