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Samsung KU6300 Series 4k Television Review – UN55KU6300 UN50KU6300 UN60KU6300



  1. I have this tv too and it's annoying because there are no physical power buttons on the TV 🙁 I miss going up to it and turning it off at night before bed after I get up from the couch…now I have to grab the remote every time. Ugh

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  4. I have the Samsung KU6290 which is exactly the same 4k UHD TV as the KU6300 except the KU6290 does not have Bluetooth whereas the KU6300 does although I'm not sure what it would be used for exactly (headphones or speakers I guess?)
    Anyway, the KU6290 / KU6300 work great as a PC monitor, supporting 4k@60Hz with 4:4:4 color subsampling (must have a compatible video card with HDMI 2.0 output). Also works great with PS4 Pro and XboX One S consoles. Please note the HDR is only 8-Bit, not 10-Bit, so it's not the best implementation BUT hard to argue for the price point (I got my 40 inch KU6290 for $299.99 USD + sales tax).
    As Lon said here, lower resolution stuff looks awesome. 720p and 1080p movies look great. I also play most PC games at 1080p (again supporting 60Hz at 4:4:4 color subsampling) and it looks really good. So even if your PC graphics card can't push games at 4k with decent frame rates, this still works great at 1080p resolution. I was worried 1080p might not look good, especially the graphics from the PC, but it all looks great.

  5. Perhaps a firmware/software update or a new 4K TV set mate 😂

  6. For some reason only Samsung smart TVs have the HBO apps.

  7. I seriously recommend this TV, it doesn't dissappoint

  8. Does this tv have Bluetooth?

  9. because i heard 43 inch has better graphic

  10. people help this or 43 or 48 inch???

  11. Ilyasse Alaoui

    i buy a samsung 4k tv for 189$ at amazon

  12. Nice review, thanks sir

  13. Timestamp/index in the description?! Swweeeeeett

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  14. can i use it for ps4 pro?

  15. alexander ekin

    hi which better if this compare with LG 43uh650t

  16. just got this but havent set it up yet but for 2160p id think itd have a great picture

  17. Jake Klusewitz

    Awesome analysis!

  18. Talks about game mode and showcases a game from 1991. I'm just razzing ya…good review. I've got a 65" version coming and I'm not sure if I should run everything through my XBOX one as I do now, I don't own the XBOX S version so I know I won't see it in the gaming, I just want to make sure I get the most from my viewing sources…any suggestions are welcome.

  19. Strange question, does this tv automatically turn on when you plug it in? i have my tv hooked up to a wemo switch that i control with amazon echo. so i need a tv that will turn off when i cut power to it and then turn back on by giving it power. im trying to get away from remotes and have a fully voice controlled setup haha

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