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Samsung KU6300 TV Review



  1. Love your reviews man. A review with actual testing and relevant information instead of personal opinion. <subscribed>

  2. Jean Kamradt Sawczuk

    Is it HDMI 2.0?

  3. Adiprima Sulakstono

    Hello, I'm planning the 40" KU6300 for 4K Gaming from PC .. is it supporting 4k@60Hz just fine? My PC using GTX 1080, of course supports HDMI 2.0

    Thank you

  4. which one is better this tv or LG 43UH650t?

  5. Does anyone have ghosting in dark scenes with this tv?

  6. Excellent review. Quite clear and well explained. Thanks a lot!

  7. The go to channel for tv reviews. I hope you guys will do PC monitors as well someday. I bet it will really boost those views and subscriber count.

  8. Hi. This TV supports 60Hz and game mode in 1440p?

  9. Samsung ku 6300 or Samsung ku 7000 hmm mm thinking

  10. Specially good for video game? My 2 sons will love this! I wait they never see your review. I bought 49KU6300 curved and l´m waiting this week.

  11. Hi, I came across a EU49KU6472 and a EU49KU6402 in Europe and I have a few questions please. Are these, as the numbers would suggest the next step up over the KU6300? Or is it just a marketing thing for Europe? Also, is there a major difference between the two as far as (HDR) Gaming / Image quality / PC monitor use? because the 6402 costs around 20% less than the 6472 and I can't figure out why, and the store employees haven't been of much help. Thank you in advance.

  12. Hi guys, I've noticed that setting the input to PC mode instead of game mode increases the contrast quite a bit on this tv when playing games in HDR from my PS4 pro. It seems that the highlights are a lot brighter in this mode. Has anybody noticed this?

  13. What about KU 6000?

  14. what about the 6000?

  15. Thanks !!! Great!

  16. Best Tv reviewer on the internet. no nonsense, no gimmick, real details that matter, big thumbs up!

  17. Андрей Ахрамеев

    телевизор самсунг UE49KU6300 отличный!

  18. they sell a curved 40' full hd ku6500 tv which looks promising but ill be using it for gaming and cant find any info on the input lag of this tv

  19. wow… now this is a tv review!!!!!! wow!!

  20. When you say "it doesn't really benefit from HDR" you mean it benefits a little or no benefit at all?

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