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  1. That tv will go to shit before you get done paying off the high value of it. Keep your led,s people.

  2. Best oled tv ever made. True rgb oled 

  3. deep black is good too give you more of a movie feeling and create the home video it turn realistic then your camera

  4. The my/your Samsung galaxy 3 already had similar amoled display tech some critics at the time have said they are over saturated viva!!! galaxy 3

  5. It's Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ill have to wait untill 2020 to get that for under 1000 ill just get i nice 1080P 40 inch for 500 bucks

  7. I bet prices will be affordable around the release of next-gen consoles (5-6 years).

  8. $9000 ???

  9. OLED sure looks nice, but is this going to be like plasma all over again? OLEDs wear out over time and within a few years the picture won't be as nice as when you first bought it. I know there are advances in technology to reduce the effect, but it's still going to happen. And not everyone has the money to buy a brand new TV every 3 years!

  10. BUYING A SAMSUNG IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Here's why. I paid 2300.00 for my 7100 series Samsung LCD TV thinking I was buying quality. It lasted 5 yrs now at the trash dump. 2000.00 to repair. Have you noticed how many TV repair guys aren't around anymore ? TV's are throwaways like a laptop that you get about 5 years out of them.

    Advice from repair guy. Buy a set for a 1000.00 range at Costco. For 58.00 more you now have a 5 year warranty. If it lasts longer than 5 years you win. If it becomes toast like my Samsung you still win.

  11. Danny Denihan Jr

    if i get another tv it'd better b oled cuz im sick of these shitty ass edge lit led tv's, u can clearly c light coming out of the edge of the tv makin the picture look like shit, i'll b dammed if i pay for another tv if it's edge lit

  12. 9k? Dang. If it was at the most 3.5k maybe we could talk…

  13. ill be buying a 4k tv next year i just started saving up for one this past week im planning on getting it at the end of next year i still have yet to see what a oled tv looks like but the price needs to come down to at least between $3000 to $3500 to get one i would think it would be cool to get a 4k oled i seen the 4k and looked awesome compared to a led tv i dont mind the curve in the tvs i seen a curve led i thought it looked cool but ill see and wait what comes out next year

  14. I'll stick with regular led televisions. I could buy 4 x  65" inch for the price of one of these. 

  15. Dun kid me but i am seeing bluish tinge with they record the vid. Tis isnt amoled lol

  16. Dun kid me but i am seeing bluish tinge with they record the vid. Tis isnt amoled lol

  17. Two guys standing in a warehouse/storage room with expensive OLED TV's
    Filming poor Interlaced video
    of TV's with pristine Black/White levels,
    but are sadly glossy and thus reflect everything

    so much wrong in one video… 

  18. I want a curved UHD 4k OLED tv with HDMI 2.

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