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Samsung UE32H5500 LED Smart TV – Review



  1. have you tried devloper mode on this tv? if so how does it work

  2. Hi,
    Does this look playing SD content?Thanks

  3. I was considering it as a replacement for my desktop
    I will be running windows 8
    Just wondering is it worth it??

  4. Cyber Pineapple

    Does this tv swivel?

  5. This is the best Samsung unit I've owned (out of 3). 43% off an already low price, 1,203 five-star reviews, $6 a year on energy costs…. Great deal, no problems! http://bit.ly/s-Samsung-32-Inch-LED-TV

  6. This might seem like an amazingly stupid question but you can still get normal freeview bbc1, channel 4 etc?

  7. Oh fair, would you recommend it for a ps4

  8. Is that Intro sound stolen from the slo mo guys????

  9. Hello I just bought this TV today and I was just wondering if you have ever played video games using this tv. Simply asking because I was wondering what the best TV settings are in your opinion?

  10. Because of the PPI it doesn't look that good as a monitor

  11. if i may ask, why was it lacking as a second display? 

  12. How many mm is the bezel?

  13. Would this tv be good for a bedroom?

  14. Analytical Justice

    Looks like I'll be definitely buying.

  15. Hi I waswondering if this tv has a game mode?
    Gr8 vid by the way

  16. Would you recommend this tv for watching movies on pendrive?

  17. I guess my real question is how do you get people to watch your videos is it by chance let me know what you think thank you?

  18. Bill Ekroos Jr

    Hello I was wondering if you could help I just made my first YouTube video and I'm wondering if there's some tips or pointers that you may help me with my videos on GoPro so let me know what you think!

  19. thank you for this great review, i have one question for you mate, would you say 32 inch is sutible for viewing movies from a sofa about 3ft away, i was looking to get a 42inch but in order to get the smart features i desire this tv would be the best option

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