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  1. That's all great but the TV clocks in at 69ms input lag (in PC mode!) which immediately scrubs it for serious gaming. If your a casual player maybe but 69ms is way to laggy.

  2. all these 4k tv's are not really 4k


  3. Does it have HDR ?

  4. will it be ok for gaming?

  5. hi mate, i bought the 55 inch model and was concerned about input lag, do you feel any in windows or games that is really irritable? I beforehand bought a hisense 50 in 4k model and it was terrible, so i have gone for the 55 ju700 as most are saying its great for pc. The Hisense was supposed to support 4k at 60htz but ran like crap at all resolutions. Tested on 980ti and compatible cable.

  6. The JU series are better for gaming

  7. BlacKnightRising

    why would anyone sit so close to the TV in the first place? isn't all this 'tech' exactly why you DON'T have to sit close and get the 'theater' experience at home? or am I missing something…

    I think I'll sit across the room thanks, excuse me if I don't want to irradiate my nuts sittin' so close to the damn thing!

  8. This TV was actually rated the #1 4k tv for gaming!

  9. Hi mate , does the built in YouTube app in the TV stream the 4K videos , does it support both vp9 and hevc codecs .

  10. This review is just excellent. Big Up !

  11. mauricio hernandez

    I just got vizio 4k tv. and I'm so confused because I have not idea how 4k works. what do I need to get 4k image? someone explain to me please

  12. Ovidiu Lucaciu Stancu (Wolf)

    Ahahah talk abaut distance? I will chage my 7 years old samsung plasma 42" 1024×768 hd ready (only external source can push to 1080p) so i will see the diference from any distance with this one XD…

  13. clear and informative – useful. thumbs up for professionalism.

  14. all of my problem with buying samsung tvs is the glossy screen! is there any thing we can stick that on screen and it gonna matte?

  15. I  Recommend people not to buy samsung smart tv's as they are not branded they are useless products as they work like tv similar to tv's sold on road side .so never buy the products from samsung as they are not usable after warranty is completed,after the warranty is completed you need to throw them in the garbage.its a fraud company.

  16. Can you please do a review on the Ultraflix app, it's an all 4K streaming that streams as low as 4MB/s and has more 4K content than Netflix. 

  17. Stop nitpicking

  18. PC Centric I would have gone for a 55' but our living room isn't that big so 48' is bigger than our 40' so I'm very happy with that size and the picture quality on the 48' is breath taking everything looks so crisp and there is so much detail and depth to the picture

  19. Put G sync on one of these and i'll consider getting one ^^

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