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Samsung UE50KU6000 Review



  1. yepitro alcosida

    is browser support flash?

  2. HI! How is this different from the UA50KU6000?

  3. becoz in my region both are available.but the ku6000 is 50$ cheaper.So shud i go with this as there isnt much of a difference apart from bluetooth

  4. ku6000 and ku6300 are these same?

  5. ahmed almashhadani

    How can I find Bluetooth in this model because I want to Tighten earphones Hidvon with television by the bluetooth

  6. Whats about Viewing angle? 🙂

  7. Can u tell me what u recommend in same or similar prize?

  8. Brendan Griffith

    if u have a 4k capable console, will you be able to run native 4k games on this tv

  9. Hi is there any clouding or uneven colour in the whites? I'm thinking about getting this tv to use as a monitor for my pc!

  10. Markos Afentakis

    First of all great video. Is this TV capable(convenient) of gaming with PC(it can run 4k)? Or using wireless controller?

  11. Can i connect a bleutooth keyboard to the 6100?

  12. does this one have HDR

  13. can i order the tv, by talknig?

  14. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. You really should switch to Movie mode for accurate colours. Pretty much every calibrator our there recommends that mode as it's the closest to the 6500K standard.

  16. 04/02/2017 UPDATE
    NowTV Beta App now available. Seems to work great.

  17. Eeerrrrrr….Eeerrrrrr ……Eerrrrrr…. sums up the whole video really

  18. How to upgrade software with USB? When I try to update with TV, it shows me this is latest version of software. Some options are unavailable to me :/

  19. Nicholas J. Paris

    Can't wait for Samsung to start going OLED!

  20. aaaah it's a nice tv

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