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Samsung UE55F9000 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV Review



  1. I have the same TV but the stand on my TV is different

  2. how used ps4 pro 4k in this tv

  3. Will this support 4k HDR content ? It has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 i believe right ?

  4. The TV 'shits' with two remote controls. 0:43

  5. Imagine 4K porn

  6. Ahmed Betancourt

    is so hard to get a tv in this days with low glare

  7. is this a good size for TVs

  8. +AVForums Why does the stand look like that? Are you sure this is the F9000?

  9. Does this play flash programs? Most of the HDTVs by Samsung does not but wonder if the 4k do?

  10. Just like 1080i when it was new to the market, it doesn't mean anything unless there is material for it and a home video recorder that supports it. Whats the point of having this if the video you shoot is only 1080P? Everyone should just wait until the price drops and until the market crowns a media winner for the new K4 TV. BLU-RAY won the 1080P media and someone will win the K4 media war. Unless you want to be stuck with the 3D TV and the HD-DVD that no one bought – you should wait.

  11. Does it have WiDi or Miracast?

  12. RyoGamestation

    O_O i want that tv.

  13. Matt Day no point asking a question and then disabling replies. LOL.

  14. Does anyone know how many Hz this t.v has???

  15. kristen Mapula

    I am very satisfied with this television although I am still learning how to use it since this is my first smart TV.

  16. How about its speakers? Is it powerful? I mean i have one samsung smart tv but whenever a loud sound comes like gunshots it lowers the sound automatically.

  17. Is this a SMART TV ? 

  18. Does it run 4K @ 120Hz? I see some 4K TV's advertise 120Hz but actually only applies to when it is displaying 1080p content, and 4K content displays @ 30Hz.

  19. ViceVersa Musik

    Man I want this tv

  20. Ronaldo Secreto

    Can you use this tv without the one connect box?! Thanks

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