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Samsung UE55JS8500 4K Ultra HD TV Review



  1. Justinakach0ppa

    What is the difference between the JS8000 and this TV other than the curve?

  2. i am so lost what is input lag for gaming in game mode??
    You guys said 21ms
    cld buyer got 21ms
    ratings got 36
    And i rang samsung and they say the game input lag is no different from the 7500 which i own but am returning as samsung also said it will be getting HDR support via firmware. However i called them and they said at no point can the 7500 do HDR

  3. Parental Gurdian

    hmmm wonder what 4k movie si could pick up at my local tesco? oh none thts right because the contents not there yt

  4. +AVForums I have question here in the states big box store like Sam's Club have the Samsung 65 JS8500d. Whats the difference in this panel? Can this tv also playback youtube videos in 4K? I have Samsung 60hu8550 and it does not wanting to return it and get the 65 JS8500. 

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