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Samsung UN48JU6400FXZA 48″ 6400 Series- LED- 2160p- Smart- 4K UHD TV Review And Install BY KVUSMC



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  1. Do you notice any lip sync issues while watching Netflix on this TV?

  2. 48 Inch 48 Likes wow

  3. 48 Inch 48 Likes

  4. congrats for the new tv its look awesom… i just wanna ask u abt picture and colors quality how they looks from different angle pls let me know bcz most of led change the colors when u dunt look straight at screen

  5. how big is the box?

  6. Why do you keep on speaking with Words that start with uppercase letters?

  7. Sweet mancave!

  8. hello , and thanks for the video , but I have one question : I try to record tv program on my usb hard drive but I have this message : the currently connected usb may not support recording …. (but I can watch movies from this usb)
    Do you have any idea how to use USB to record ?

  9. Is this tv worth for console gaming? Does the upscaled 1080p looks better than a full hd tv?

  10. I have this tv and was wondering if anyone had any advice on ps4 video output settings? I.e do I turn on RGB range or deep colour output?

  11. Whats the Refresh Rate? 60, 120, etc?

  12. netflix in 4k or only 1080p on this tv?

  13. Thanks for the vid :). Was going to ask if you could check the sticker on the back but quickly saw it was going to be wall-mounted so no-go …
    Would you still happen to have the box? There's a sticker on there with the model code, type no. and also 'Version: XX##' (this info is also on the back of the set hence my original would-be question). I was wondering what the Version code is of your set?
    Thanks in advance!

  14. how's the speakers/volume on the tv?. does it sound really good? I can't buy a surround sound system. so I want to know if it's sounds good

  15. Does it really use around 60 watts/hr? You could watch tv 24/7 off-grid with that usage. :)

  16. Kenny- nice TV! Shame about the Sharp- Only 4 years- That's a crime! I had a Samsung quit on me about the same… I see a lot of newer TVs in the trash! Personally I think a TV should last 15 years! But then again I'm a Dinosaur!
    😃👍. Merry Christmas Buddy- Semper Fi!

  17. BROWERPOWER 2010

    Sweet TV..superb picture!! Should have shot the old one up with the 22..

  18. JWSolarusa John Wesley

    This a first class video Buddy.
    Samsung products are really good.
    That's the way to go Ultra High Definition Television.

  19. Looking good! Samsung is the way to go…esp UHD. Congrats on the TV and video editing looks real good too. Thanks for the shout out!

  20. Thanks for finally talking about >Samsung UN48JU6400FXZA 48″ 6400 Series-
    LED- 2160p- Smart- 4K UHD TV Review And Install BY KVUSMC
    | hdandlcddeals.com <Loved it!

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