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Samsung UN65JS8500 SUHD Quantum Dot TV Review



  1. great review. i bought myself the same tv. can you please tell me what's the width of you tv stand.

  2. I highly recommend putting the js8500 in the bedroom and purchasing the ks8000 you will love it picture is breathtaking

  3. hey man the tv looks great!!!!how do movies look on this tv? does it upscale boy ray well too?

  4. How does regular channels and sport channels look on this tv.i have a vizio p series and sports channels dont look that good in hd

  5. I just buy that tv is true that the M serie of Vizio is better btw i got it in the same price of the Vizio??

  6. Wonderful Madness

    S doesn't mean super lol You should also always place the tv against windows not facing windows.

  7. I got a 55 inch same brand the quality is like average.. I'm using a regular HDMI cord not the expensive one… does the more expensive one work better please help

  8. hey man ,do you know how to connect a ps3 to this TV ?

  9. scorlin gonzalez

    hey bro how are you … am sorry to ask but can u please give me the factory 3d setting on ur tv if u haven't tampered with them , i happen to mess with the settings a bit and now i dont have the 3d effect like i first did . i look everywere for the original settings and nothing

  10. should have asked this earlier but can u label the inputs i.e chane video 1 to directv and video 2 to apple tv

  11. Just asking why samsung not sony I am coming from a 10yr old plasma

  12. Don't drop that remote. It will break

  13. just ordered the same tv should get it soon. Question did you have to go into the color calibration settings much or was it basically out of the box ready?

  14. Thanks for the review!

  15. +Chuck Fresh; What is with that utterly annoying, plastic 'radio announcer' voice?

    I gave up watching this after 53 se…

  16. aundra lambert

    ok review, wish you could have shown more regular tv shows and show how good the black levels are

  17. Technical Support

    yea lol began the video with reflection … all i can do is look out your windows through the reflection the rest of the video… your view is pretty terrible, not sure why you don't have dark curtains.. maybe you have a hot neighbor?!

  18. I liked your review,but get some black out blinds for the window . I bet the picture is really stunning at night . Enjoy it

  19. no entendí ni chota

  20. michael barkley

    I wonder what Samsung will unveil at CES 2016 as far as 4K televisions go

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