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Samsung UN65JU7500 Curved 4K UHDTV Review



  1. Im dying to know which mode has more Input lag pc mode or game mode?
    I'm mainly using this tv for pc 4k gaming.

  2. any gaming imput lag?

  3. hiatus x hiatus

  4. Does the 3D make you dizzy?

  5. how does this tv handle the black color or lack there of.

  6. how does this tv handle the black color or lack there of.

  7. SuCKeRPunCH187

    who had the ui first. Samsung looks like they copied lg's web os

  8. Does the hub comes with the TV? And how many controllers you get in the box?

    Also comparing this TV with panasonic TX-55CR43 0B why the bezel of the TV is so thick?

    I bought the Panasonic 4 months ago and it started powering off it self, I send the TV to get it fixed but they damaged it during delivery, now hopefully giving me voucher to buy a new one!

    would this be better than the panasonic?

    – The TV was very slow in terms of smart features
    – hard to update
    – couldn't install any apps
    – and again very slow when turning on the TV more than 15 seconds to boot up

    But i really liked the super small bezels compare to the Samsung

    And is there any white colour version with the same specs?

    Thanks for the video

  9. Does this tv have HDR?

  10. when u play shotter games.. can u fell the input lag in this tv.

  11. The 65" model has a list price of $2999, not $2500. FYI

  12. Ferdinando Di Lisa

    someone have clouding in this model?viewing out off axis

  13. Can Curved tvs be wall mounted?

  14. Ist das model ue65ju7580 das selbe und nur ein Europa model oder ist es ganz was anderes?

  15. comparing this to the Sony 75" 910c. would the picture quality on the Sony be better than what this 78" samsung have since the Sony 910c have trilumios kind of like the suhd. thank you

  16. Are the black bars during the Batman game the product of a picture setting? Can be be removed for a full picture?

  17. Hi all
    Does this tv has PVR function ?


  18. SeeThatIamAble

    Good vid. thank you, have you noticed any input lag, I love MMOs and nothing kills good game like input lag.

  19. TV does not come with an octa-core processor – its a quad.

  20. What TV to buy ? Samsung or Philips ? And what type ? (budget max 2.000 euro)
    Let's say about 42 or a bit higher in inches < 50 !!
    Used to play back from a tv HD decoder and HD mediaplayer
    Would like to access Youtube
    NOT curved !

    Now I have a philips led tv with ambi light, which is very nice (the surrounding light)
    Picture not sharp enough anymore for these days :-)

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