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Seiki 32 Inch Smart TV Review



  1. I have the same tv and I'm having trouble hooking up external speakers… Does this tv not have audio output ?

  2. I have the 40" Smart TV SE40FY19 model and is preloaded with with all but Shomi app. Do you or anyone else know how to browse internet so I watch Shomi on the web, is this even possible? This is supposed to be a smart tv but if only preloaded apps are the smart feature its pretty limited ! Thx

  3. You can browse the web on this TV?

  4. Just bought this tv yesterday from the same site you did.
    I absolutely love it, and I'm very surprised at the picture and sound quality.

  5. Jaime SteeleSanto

    good job

  6. Jaime SteeleSanto

    parents bought a 42 inch one today

  7. 1120×700 looks better then 1120×630 and to me the 1120×700 screen resolution looks better then all other screen resolutions even 4k

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