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Seiki 39″ 4K TV review



  1. I'm looking into buying this TV. I also have the same exact Bose speakers you have beside your PS4. I'm looking to to connect them with the TV through a dual AUX cable. Does the HDTV have a universal headphone jack on the side or the back?

  2. I bought this TV for a Christmas present, attached the Cable for cable TV, scanned for channels and nothing. After 3 weeks of asking the cbale company to come out and find the problem, I finally called Seiki customer service. Come to find ou, this tv doesn't have a DIGITAL CONVERTER, so it is just like the old tub type tv and you have to use it with a CABLE BOX if you want to work with your cable tv. Why didn't they say that in the TV description???

  3. Larry  I enjoyed your review. purchased a 42 inch seiki 4k tv today for 286 bucks… relocating to another state feb 1st and wanted to find a nice 4k tv…didn't think to check you tube so I googled seiki after seeing an ad in the paper…lo and behold there you were at the bottom of the first page…! after watching I decided to purchase. nice review and thank you.

  4. That Time capsule will kill that PS4 with heat!!

  5. I just bought this tv online 15 min ago….I don't worry about the sound…I have a Phillips soundbar W/ subwoofer

  6. How can you run the ps4 at 120hz at 1080p ?

  7. Thanks for the video, it saved me money by not buying the hdtv. I had planned on using it as a monitor on my pc.

  8. the refresh rate is 120 or 30 HZ
    that is why you don't use apple you use windows…

  9. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    So I guess it is better to get some sort of 4K monitor off of Ebay then. I want 60 Hz for 4K pc gaming and if this can't deliver well no buy.

  10. Great video, you have the appearance of a sport loving Muslim. XD

  11. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=8430969&csid=_61

    Is this the same product? It is listed as 120hz?? lies? have u used it on a real pc gaming rig?

  12. When I got this it wasn't heavy at all??

  13. MrReeceyburger123

    1 year later the tv broke down….

  14. Hello 
    Thank you for this review 

    can i connect GTX ti 980  and get 4K
    it has HDMI 2.0  .  and DP 1.2 port

  15. I have 2 tvs, this Seiki 39" 4k tv and a Sony 57" 1080p LED 3D tv, which would be better to use for PS4 (I want to use either to play Arkham Knight). Please reply, thanks!

  16. Hey buddy, Just bought one of these for $400.00 from Tiger and love it .I am using mine for a monitor@ 60hrtz, I thought. Maybe I'm not. Anyway I am using it as a monitor and it works great. You tube and Netflix both have some great 4k programming, that you can really see the difference on. One Question,  hoping you could tell me how to keep it from cutting off after 4 hours, no big deal in just cutting it back on, but surely ,there must be a way to stop this from happening

  17. Very good review! Thumbs up! One question I have, does this tv heat up? I have to replace my current tv which heats up my room and would like a tv that doesnt put out any heat.

  18. I just bought this TV today and the TV is recognizing HDMI (1 – 2 – 3) as DVI 1024×768@60hertz on my Desktop or Laptop. I only see the top tab of my windows all blurred out and everything else is black. Been trying to get in touch with A REP customer service for the past 3 hours but no luck…. Anyone had this issue???

  19. Stephen Eyton-Jones

    Great review and appreciate it.

  20. At 30Hz for 4k, I won't buy this for any kind of use, even for $340 as current price on Amazon! That's way to low refresh rate to be usable in any way and form as 4k device… Except for playing Ubisoft games 😀
    Or using it in tandem with Macbook pro witch also can't run 4k at better then 30Hz, as stated on Apple product page…

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