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Seiki Pro SM40UNP 40-inch 4K Desktop Display – Seiki Goes Pro



  1. what's the maximum bit and frame rate this monitor can handle in ultra gaming setting thank you

  2. Is it rejected panels?
    Is it pwm free?
    What's the stuck/dead pixel policy?
    10 Bit?

  3. Man I need an articulating arm of some kind for this monster so I can put it in portrait mode for pinball games. Ugh.

  4. Seiki Pro SM40UNP 40-inch 4K VS PHILIPS BDM4065UC 40-inch 4K !!!!! who is the King

  5. Qwerty Simpson

    This or 3 27inch 1440p or 3 21.5inch 1080p monitors for programming?

  6. Could you guys share the calibration settings? I just purchased as well.

  7. PriVacy Matters

    Newegg is selling this for $448.00 right now. I bought one just to try out to see if its any good.

  8. 4:11 How do you put 4 x 4k on this screen ?
    on a 4k screen you cannot magically increase the number of pixels !!!

  9. The base Seiki UY04 model is now $250. Seiki needs to add DP and 60Hz to it for maybe $50 extra – that's what the people want – refresh at 60fps and $300.

  10. Does this monitor have built in speakers?

  11. Can anybody compare this sm40unp to the AMH409 or the Waabi Mango? The sm40unp has come down in price and all three of these are about the same price. I want to pick the best specs. Thx

  12. It's right now on sale for $700 on Newegg

  13. Firmware fail prevents this from being a lag free PC monitor again. They have been Americanized. No excuse.

  14. 4K in a monitor that's smaller than 40" doesn't make a lot of sense, unless it's a tablet, or something that's going to be held very close to the eyes. For desktop use, I'd say between 40" and 48" (45"-46" 4K has the same pixel density as most monitors on the market). And only above that, should 4K screens start to be sold as TV's instead of monitors.

  15. Richard Humphrey

    One thing I would like added is like an optical out and the ability to to select the source of audio to be outputted. This would be awesome to hook up to a sound bar. Support for outputting Dolby digital and other formats.

  16. they look fucking clueless.  UMHHHHHHHHHH yeah umhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

  17. Petar Stamenkovic

    You get a like from me just for the Voodoo 3 sitting in the corner <3

  18. I have this monitor use in Cad. Its awesome i can view alot of my design in one screen.

  19. Untitledgameshow

    I want! one now lol rocking 39 in 4k 30fps Seiki now and enjoying it a lot after installing the custom firmware.

  20. i would insta-buy this, when 100Hz and IPS :D

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