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  1. $99 on Newegg right now very considering getting this for the awesome price and value would you still recommend it?

  2. a very long name that you took time to read

    +combovercarl this is a 1080p tv

  3. a very long name that you took time to read

    This will play xbox one games at 1080p?

  4. Can this be mounted on a wall?

  5. ThePoopMaster01

    Love this guy's voice!

  6. Swiftassault21

    I'm Getting one soon

  7. Riley Ripa Nipolov

    2:11 you actually had me there for a second

  8. This review helped me because am buying one wanted to see what I'll get.

  9. Lobotomys suit me

    why was this review made ? absolutely worthless

  10. Hey I got my tv a lil while back and I'm not sure how to set up the cable(comcast)? Could you make a video on that

  11. About how much did you pay for it?

  12. how many hdmi ports does it have?

  13. Personally I have no issues with sound from the tv. In a smaller sized room, it should be enough. But a medium to large? then you ought to be hooking it up to a stereo system of some sort. Otherwise, its fine :3

  14. I heard a little Seth Rogan in there too. Lol @ "you put the thing in the thing" Have u had any problems with sound? Some reviews complain that sound goes "in and out" or isn't very loud…

  15. My Seki is a t.s. version

  16. Interesting, is it the exact same model number? I think theres a TS and FS version, but I could be wrong.

  17. My version the stand is plastic It did not come with hdmi cable .It doesn't have front diodes controls on the right side of the bottom panel.They are on the sides,non diode

  18. The resolution is really super sharp.when attached to a computer.As sharp as a monitor.you can practically have a web t.v with it .all in one.The price is great too I got this one on sale .But i'm missing my 22 in monitor.Isn't that crazy?. The seki is 23 inches

  19. The cam mic 😛

  20. Seriously what mic are you using in this video? I want one.

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