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SEIKI SE39UY04 Unboxing and Overview – PC Perspective



  1. Jonathan Vazquez

    I got a 42 inch seiki 4k tv for 225

  2. The Awesome Fellow

    Ordered this bad boy for $292 (after taxes and shipping costs). I'll be using it for gaming with my PS4 (at 1080p 120Hz, obviously) and as a monitor with my Mac Pro at 4K. It'll be in tomorrow!

  3. You have to change the refresh rate…
    1080 runs at 120hz on it

  4. This TV is for 250 USD at newegg.com

  5. tyler budd plus

    is that a dharma logo?????

  6. this is on sale in the uk for £189.99

  7. this is for sale today on tiger direct for $299, that's why I'm watching the review again

  8. Is no hood !!mines stop working yesterday not even 4 months

  9. So there's no way to get this thing to run at 4K @ 60hz? Even with HDMI 2.0?

  10. Currently going for $379.99 at Amazon for the Seiki 4K 39 inch

  11. Lol man u got allot of tv lucky! Wish I had that many 

  12. Nicholas Enston

    Is 2k @72fps? If so, a 39" 2k monitor for £260 (uk current price) is pretty good.

  13. Why the hell are you running with VSNYC off, and AA on? What's the point of showing how "bad 30 FPS is" if you're gonna make the damn game run at 17 FPS? Are you stupid, or just biased?

  14. It's a TN or IPS panel?

  15. cool vid

  16. did you ever try and raise the pixel clock ?

  17. Looking to increase my productivity and curious how this would work for replacing a dual 24" monitor setup for graphics/web design?  I do a little gaming now and then but mainly looking to have multiple web pages + Photoshop on a single monitor vs 2 or 3.

    I do a lot of responsive web design with live editing tools and would be great to have multiple width versions of websites on a single monitor that each respond to the changes I am making.

    My rig is i5 3570k w/32g ddr3 2100 and a single AMD XFX 7870 and doesn't stutter at anything I currently use the system for.  The hardest thing I throw at this machine is a little Diablo III every now and then.  I am just wondering if this would be a step back in experience or a step forward?  Appreciate the feedback.

  18. Hi. I bought SE39UY04 EC from pixmania.ie . slightly diferent model,has diferent menu and is actualy a BUSH 39" UHD tv.Used as pc 4k monitor. Horrible input lag even for movies,sound and video dismathed. Compleatly useless with pc even for everyday tasks,like browsing etc. hv been loking for software update,but found thers no updates available for EC model,updates available only for SE39UY04  !!! Dont get cought on this! My tv goes back to seller.

  19. What is the input lag in 4k and at 1080p ?
    Would you recommend this for console gaming ? 

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