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Seiki SE43FO02UK 43″ TV Review



  1. Hi, quick question I'm considering this TV as a cheap one for my PS4 is it an enjoyable experience to use consoles on? Lag etc? Cheers

  2. Got mine for $195. Can't figure out how to add apps tho

  3. Jonathan Vazquez

    You deserve more subscribers.

  4. Jonathan Vazquez

    Found this on amazon for 237 for Prime. very very good deal.

  5. Got a brand new one off craigslist for $140. Great tv but surround sound is a must.

  6. Does it have freeview built in or would I need to plug it into an aerial cable at the wall? I'm moving to a new flat soon and my room hasn't the connection set up so would be great if it was stand alone.

  7. Great review, you sold me, ordering one straight away. Now, what's your opinion of the Onkyo A-9010 power amplifier? ;-)

  8. hey need someone that speaks English. I can't understand anything this guy says….

  9. I have a question? How do you install channels? like Giniko for example or Kodi. I want to turn it into a IPTV if possible…

  10. Found this exact TV at Canadian Tire for a mere 350$ for a sale (down from 510$). I tough it was a steal and but i was scared also coz i dont know what SEIKI is…and I took a chance bought it. For what i paid it was very much worth it… I never witnessed the sound vibration as i plugged in the speakers before even starting anything.

    I must admit that i did return one. It had 3 green whitish dead like pixels side by side on one spot. Returned it and the one i have is top notch. Im crossing my fingers and hope it wont die on me in the near future coz as i said SEIKI does not a have a reputation of anything for me, good or bad, i just dont know them… right now im very happy with the purchase.

  11. Can you confirm that this TV can play 1080p 60fps? And is input lag from controllers bearable?

  12. Was the vibration still an issue once adding speakers?

  13. RIGHT RIght, tvs don't have good sound.

  14. Thanks for the review. What tv speakers would you recommend? I see the Aux and what looks like optical.

  15. Just bought off Amazon for $289.99 u.s. dollars

  16. Thanks for this video. Will be buying this in 2 weeks time.

  17. Might pick one of these up – looks good! Great review man!

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