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Seiki’s cheap 4K TV: More pixels don’t make a better picture



  1. Christian Herrera

    This guy is an idiot….

  2. still companies don't have Bluetooth for TV's.

  3. I returned my 40" 1080p smart TV and went out and bought a 42" Seiki 4k tv, and walked out making $40. It may not be the best picture, but for $40 less than a smaller 1080p TV? You'd be crazy not to get this television if you're in the market for a budget television.

  4. Polymer Clay Artist

    This title was designed to drive up views, period. More pixels ARE better. Stop talking about how far you have to be to see such and such… idiotic! Just look at the dang thing for yourself. Also, many reasons to want 4k too! Like for screen real estate for example. Editing is better with 4k. Words are sharper in 4k for reading.

    No, I don't RUN AND BUY every little thing that comes out. No, I don't YET own a 42" Seiki 60hz tv… yet.

    Getting sick of this debate. Move on, or live in a cave

  5. So is this a good gaming tv?

  6. Would you buy it for $300

  7. I have just done a review for the Sony KDL-32W706B if anyone wants a bit more information. 🙂 They are quite good!

  8. The only discernible difference between 1080p and 4k will be given to you via the placebo effect or the fact that your 1080p display sucked to begin with. If I have to do double takes or check to see if the tv i'm looking to buy is 4k by looking at a label then there is not a big enough difference to merit the price tag. Also if I have to press my face up against the screen then again the difference does not merit the price tag. :)

  9. dacarius bennett

    he is reading flash cards

  10. SO yeah, Don't buy this tv? Buy one for 5 times the price, Equipped with a camera and hooked to the internet. Because big brother loves you so much. How much you wanna bet this guy was paid to say this about seiki tv's. Most people who buy these love them.  Just look a real people reviews. Then notice every name brand 4k tv but seiki hooks to the net. Then read the privacy policy from Samsung. Telling people to watch what they say in their own houses because they are being monitored by "Third Parties"

  11. did "they" pay him to bash this tv?

  12. People listen to me.  Tigerdirect was selling them new for $325 shipped on sale.  That was just to cheap so I bought one to use as a computer monitor.  I tried to use existing video card on it but it was not powerful enough even with overclocking the card, etc.  So I did a bit of homework to find the cheapest 4k capable graphics adapter.  The nvidia GT750 looked like the deal for $115.  So I bought it.  I connected it to the monitor via HDMI port 1 on the Seiki.  It just worked.  OMFG, was I impressed in a good way.  This is serious 4k real estate.  The 30Hz issue is really only a problem for gamers, not PC users who just need more real estate.  I DL the 4k test vids from YouTube.  They played and the pic was sweet but just a bit of jerkiness, not bad.  I liked this setup so much, I bought a second seiki (this time from amazon, $360 delivered).  This time I spent up a bit on the graphics card ($135) on a GT750 TI.  Now I have side by side 4k monitors and it is just great. I cannot recommend it enough at this price.  This is not for gaming but it works great for everything and I mean everything else.

  13. "More pixels don't make a better picture," says the video that has a max of 720p.

  14. I am using the 39" version as an external monitor for my macbook and it is seriously fantastic.  Updated firmware gives you control over the backlight and better color.  At 339 on Amazon, I don't really see how you can beat that for massive screen space, massive resolution, etc.

  15. …And this was a paid message by Samsung, Sony and LG

  16. Is this any good as a monitor? I'm a pc gamer. What is the response time. 

  17. We just bought this TV and it should be shipping to us soon. I couldn't believe the price and jumped at the chance to get it. I'm not really big on HDTV but I did get it in hopes of getting a next generation console (PS4, Xbox one, WiiU ) and I may use it as a monitor for my laptop. I'm not looking to see the pores on the faces of every news anchor I see but I do want a pretty good picture. Will this do the trick? 

  18. If I play a blue ray on a 4k blue ray player, will I see the 4k result in this tv?

  19. hey Cnet reviewer, are you watching 4k content or 1080p content ?

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