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Sharp 32″ 1080p Full HD TV Review



    is that Naruto music? lmao
    also thanks. The vid helped alot (:

  2. thatsdanzatastic

    hey thanks for the review, I was thinking about buying this TV and seeing how it looks in the video I ordered one, thank you!

  3. Nice info. You might get more views if you put the model number 32LB370U more prominently.

  4. The only problem with this tv is I have had is getting it out of standby mode. I have to use the remote to power it on every time my computer goes into stand by mode. When reactivate my compute the tv will not automatically power on. Any solution to this problem? I have a macbook pro 2012 so I run a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to connect.

  5. What about the 40 inch version of this? It's called 'LC40CFE5221K'… Would it be the same but just bigger?

  6. If u YouTube work on

  7. I was thinking about buying this to use with the Xbox One. Do you know and/ or have you noticed the input lag?

  8. anybody hook one up to a mac mini

  9. Does the stand swivel at all on the Sharp LC-32LB370U or is it fixed in place?

  10. Solaire ​​​​

    Nice review! Saw this at my local best buy for about $229 so i'll pick it up.

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