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Sharp Aquos LC60LE847U LED TV – Review



  1. Awesome. Im get a aquos soin 55 or 65 inch guys?

  2. Aha 'inky Blacklevels are the main weakness' and on the left upper Corner the Backlight is coming out all the time during this Video!?

  3. Don't believe what you see on this videos I bought the TV brand new and in the first week started freezing on me when i try to switch from one app to other or if you wanna put the volume up or down i called technical support and they have me unplug tv and remove the batteries from remote controle each time this happens and that was like 3 times a week when i asked them i said the tv is brand new why its acting this way they told me you have to do it each time its normal but after 3 months the worse thing happen the power supply fail to work now lets look at customer service they will keep you on the phone for 30 to 40 minutes easy half the time on hold and it's took them more than 3 weeks to get the power supply and they offered me refurbished TV and I have to pay $375 and they take my TV and this after paying the extended warranty I bought the TV for $1000 please do the math after that i got so upset i threw the TV In the garbage that my story with sharp i wanted to share my story with you the best thing is buy Samsung or Sony or Philips I will post the pictures soon the TV in the garbage and how many times they keep me on hold thank you I just don't want you to spend time and money please buy Samsung or Sony it little more expensive but it's worth it

  4. better than samsung smart tv, sharp is the bestttt

  5. I am looking bigger size television like 55" or higher 200hz and connect internet because got sharp le830 series not sure 42 or 46"

  6. I have a 73" dlp tv it's went out was gonna buy the 70" this one how much smaller is it compared to

  7. is it really 90 inch?! i mean it would be Ultra+4x HD… or smth like that

    i mean if its really 90 inch then it will take The biggest resolution in the world!

  8. Thinking of getting this but this guy is changing my mind

  9. i bought it 2 hours ago and i just watched this video !!!! i didnt know that the picture quality is that bad <\3

  10. I got this tv and its great! Well worth the money. I'll never but a Vizio tv! I got mins at qvc for bout 1800 and can with 2 pairs of glasses. Everyone else give this tv high remarks. Cnet is junk!!!

  11. this guy is such a nit picker, what a punk ass fag he is.

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