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Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-70LE735U 70″ 3D TV Review



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  2. I have had the 80 inch Sharp with all the bells and whistles for over a year now and I'm still loving it. Just an amazing TV for the size and money. If you want a BIG TV for a good deal the Sharp is the way to go. I calibrated mine with the Disney disk and I think the picture is awesome. You can even have the shades open and still have a great picture. I love my TV, cant say enough good things about my Sharp. People are in awe when they come over and see this beast for the 1st time.

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  7. i have a 70 inch sharp 240hz, and there was a button lag when playing games, but if you switch the AV mode to gaming there is no lag.

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  9. Showing classic movies does not make a tv good, especially when you make annoying noises while they play.

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  13. Now Sharp have introduced a 90 inch TV.

  14. hey im getting a 60inch. I heard there is button lag when gaming on a huge screen, can I get a reply from you? , how good is gaming on this?.. like battlefiend and Call Of Duty

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  19. I've seen thsi tv as low as 2800 online, but Sharp showed an 80inch with all the bells and whistles at CES, tv should be out this spring, probably $6000 for it.

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