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Sharp debuts ‘Beyond 4K’ Ultra HD TV



  1. Beat Korea! I like Japanese things

  2. Until they quote the actual resolution of this TV, I'm not going to believe it's higher than a 4K resolution. They didn't do a very good job of explaining this technology, and I think they intentionally did that for marketing purposes. Adding the amount of colors a TV can display does not increase pixel count. I'll stick with LG's OLED TVs, thank you very much.

  3. Sharp sure is making a comeback. My first TV was a Sharp so I've always had a soft spot for them. My phone is the Sharp AQUOS Crystal and it's great, also great looking and the screen is top notch.

  4. Cnet's videos play half way through and then load the next one, anyone else having that problem?

  5. Meanwhile, CNET is still uploading their videos in only 720p resolution. Still. This is 2015 CNET. Could you at least do 1080p?

  6. françois garcia lucas

    sharp nous refait le coup du systeme Quattron pro(plus) mais cette fois ci avec un televiseur 4k natif

  7. 8k looks like real 3d

  8. Stephen Huxtable

    Not that yellow bull shine again.

  9. OVER 100% AHahah what a load of shit AHaha 

  10. what about 720p?

  11. there is no separate signal being processed for a yellow pixel… color signals are still only RGB…. No yellow???

  12. Jan, 5 ,2014 ?? :p

  13. ha they did this shit to sell my tv from 2010 lol now they wanna be the best again with 4k lol

  14. Movies no longer look like movies I'll stick to 720

  15. what does this have to do with the g flex 2?

  16. 4K is more than enough ok??

  17. hahaha get rekt 4k owners, you peasants.

  18. This makes 4K sound like an old technology :)

  19. Lots of pr jargon. I think it's that's what sharps good at.

  20. The question is why? There is like a hanfull of movies in 4k and gaming without a beast pc you wont be able to play shit, id stick with 1080 till 4k gets affordable and movies starting to take advantage

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