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Sharp LC-55UB30U Quick review



  1. btw the motion on a 70 inch sux too, bigger screen and the flicker is more noticable.

  2. bruh…my usb ports don't work on my 70 inch 4k…and I got a Nikon 1080p high zoom camera recorder

  3. how blacks and picture quality is it close to oled on budget cuse vizio m series and hisense 50 or55h7b1 and new version 55h7b2 one was garbage i ownd had close to oled on budget

  4. how q
    picture quality hold up ive ownd lg 55uf6450 and hisense 55h7b2 the lg was way to brite and crisp no blacks at all and hisense had good blacks but not sharp like lg crisp picture had but both where garbage for money im thinking on getting this sharp or Vizio new m series c2 model i hear its got best cnet rating for budget 4k. but how that sharp hold up to blacks an crisp clear picture an all how gameing on it any lag or delay or bad off angels

  5. Everyone look the new video I posted that has some video settings you can try out. It may work well for you or not!!

  6. does it have headphone jack output

  7. I just bought the same tv and loving it so far. I've been messing with the calibration for the picture but haven't been able to find the best picture yet what picture settings have you found the best for you?

  8. $600 at best buy right now and almost picked it up but the bad ratings for gaming is really putting me off. Be nice to get some input from people playing on xbox one. Great tv for movies but I game a lot also.

  9. I was about to buy i just remembered why i didnt, does it have audio input? Like headphones and etc? I have speakers and etc but i didnt see that jack in the pics. Best buy has them for $600 now

  10. can you do mirror screen on it , like on those samsung Tv's?

  11. either your camera is bad or that's not a 55"   I have a 40" and your tv doesn't look no where near that much bigger then minds,  ive been to best buy numerous times and trust me that's not a 55"

  12. Hey… Great review. Question though… What type of video file formats does it support?

  13. Well screw it, thanks to you I just grabbed this off of amazon for $549, I saw some from amazonwarehouse for $509 earlier, but i have not had the best luck buying open box crap.. thanks for the review.

  14. I do some gaming but not a whole lot here lately, the black levels are great after some adjustments on the tv itself. This tv also has a game mode on it, my wife plays final fantasy on Xbox 360. it looks great but no apparent lag, I did however turn off all motion compensation.

  15. How has the tv been so far ? Idk if your a gamer but I read reviews saying it has very high lag… I also read it has good black levels. Any complaints??

  16. Thanks for this, I saw nothing on YT.
    I believe Im settled on my purchase!

  17. so far I'm using a sony bdp-S6500 blu ray player and it has 4k upscaling. the picture looks amazing, almost to the point of not being able to tell it was upscaled at all.

  18. Can you tell a major difference between the 4K and 1080p HD? Sharp is a pretty good brand from what I've seen before.

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