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Sharp’s 2013 Smart TV Platform Explained



  1. you buy a tv to watch TV and play your video games not get on twitter and fucken Facebook fuck a

  2. Your presantation is not helpful, next time talk about the picture and sound quality not the apps…😧

  3. awful Tv

  4. Jonathan Ramirez

    She's so hot! I didn't even care about the tv anymore 😂

  5. The chick is cool. I like how laid back and normal she is. In contrast to all those guys, overenthusiastic about something which is a tv set or a remote control for it.

  6. I need help…everytime i get on youtube i can still hear the cable tv and cant hear whatever it is i am watching on youtube….can anybody help me with that..ive tried turning off the cable box n it didnt help and i cant figure it out

  7. Fake glasses.

  8. Adella Dominguez

    When I click on my smart central button the color app is not available and I can't access most apps

  9. No one want's to hear you bash a tv, that looks really fucking stunning over the video retard. You sound dumb and we know that it is fake, not because we are fans, it is because we know bad tv's from good looking ones, and this one looks fuckin stunning. Good you have fucked up a 4 minute video that could of been used for what it actually deserved which is some fucking credit. By the way get your fucking nails fixed retard.

  10. you might be working for sony

  11. much easier with a keyboard and mouse ;)

  12. YouTube works just fine and displays beautifully on my Tv

  13. Is she getting paid for this video lol. Shes horrible

  14. I bought an open-box Sharp Aquos 60' TV MN. LC-60LE640U but my remote does NOT have a Smart Central button or 3 FAV APPS buttons. It also does not say Aquos on it. It says SHARP LCDTV GJ221 at the bottom and thats it. I see how to setup FAV APPS in the TV setup menu but I dont seem to have the correct buttons on my remote to access the APPS such as NetFlix, youtube etc. Do you think that the store that I purchased the TV from may have given me the wrong remote??? This remote works fine for all of the buttons that it does have tho. I just cannot access my FAV APPS. BTW my network setup is fine. Please help me if you can because it sux having a cool new 60' TV that I cannot use in the way I originally intended as I only watch internet TV now. Thank you for any help that you can give me. :)

  15. your cynical attitude is hilarious. you are definitely hyped on sharp's smart options! hehe.

  16. thanks for being honest

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