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Sony 4K Android TV (X8500C) Full Review



  1. For Christ's sake cut that stupid music, I cannot hear word you are saying!!!

  2. In Bangladesh. .it's now 164000 taka…almost near about 2000 $ …how they provide it so cheaply ? is that real tv or something hidden there …I just can't understand. ..pls answer. .. They also ensure me that that's tv from Malaysia ….😊😊

  3. achyuta raamani

    Sir, i have purchased Sony Bravia X85C series TV around last November. And i have Tata Sky HD connection installed with it. The problem i am facing is when i am watching any normal quality channel i.e "without hd" then i can hear the audio nice and easy on around 20 to 30 volume of tv remote but when i am watching any hd channel like sony hd i have to increase my volume to around 85 and 90 to listen to it still the background music is very high and audio or dialogues remains unclear. The same happens in all the hd channels. Kindly see into it as soon as possible.

  4. Okay Ganesh, Thanks for this review, but which TV would you recommend us for true 4K viewing pleasure? How about that cheap VU Led 4K? Can you revivew that LED or can you suggest us any better than this?

  5. Would this be an excellent gaming TV for modern console play?

  6. please come again

  7. best tv

  8. Nice man :)

  9. Hi Kavithvajen : Thank you for your detailed review.

    I am planning to buy this tv, need some details from you as you are using it for more than month now.

    1)I have heard that this TV overheats, what is your opinion on it? Have you faced any such issues?

    2)Also with regards to the sound, did you try changing the settings? I have a Sony Bravia LCD and there is an option called " Intelligent Volume", when I turn this option OFF, the volume increases significantly. Do check if you have any such option int your TV as well.

    3)Also the current Website of Sony has undergone some change and it shows that this TV is HDR compatible, have you noticed any change or any such option in the settings?

    Let me know your views..

  10. was the camera included with your television?

  11. so its not a true 4k ?

  12. this tv is good?

  13. my friend 43×8500 4k tv Motion Rate?.usb play how many file support? mkv,mp4,avi support?

  14. spaceydecember

    music should be reduced by 25% and your voice increased by 10%…you got a like anyway

  15. Need to get the 65" ! Any idea on pricing ?

  16. Akshay Upadhyaya

    I just ordered this from Croma for 1,89,990 today. Will have this delivered and installed by tomorrow. Cant wait for this one :-)

  17. background music too loud

  18. hakuna matata

    but ur video helped me a lot

  19. Please don't try to sing,

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