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Sony 50W829 3D LED LCD TV Review



  1. cant find it anywhere

  2. 0.35 The reviewer says the W95… because the W829 doesn't come with the Touch control.  Is it a glitch or an edit?

  3. Dominic Griffin

    Can someone recommend me either this or the W905? I'm torn between the two.

  4. Well I care about 3D. Rather have passive anyway. 

  5. So is the 3D really bad on this?

  6. I had to sell mine on. The tv tuner was weak even with a 46db booster. Satellite tuner was better but because it isn't proper freesat the guide is useless. The final straw was lack of video files it accepted. Got the Panasonic AS650 instead & happy with it.

  7. Filippos Vourliotis

    Can someone tell me how good is it while watching football games?

  8. Can someone please explain what the difference is between this TV and the 50W805?

  9. Whats the difference between the Sony 50W829 and the Sony 50W829B?

  10. Lachezar Yakov

    Hello, What is the difference between this tv and the Sony : KDL-50 W815

  11. Is there any site or something that helps for proper calibration ?

  12. Just bought one of these, pretty happy with it but I only got 1 remote the other was £50 extra however it did come with a free sony sound bar. A great feature of it is the stand doubles as a wall mount which is how I mounted mine, the connections are actually very handy placed for me and the TV comes with an optical cable for the audio and gives very good sound from the bar, I can use the sound bar for my android phone to play mp3's too, the sound from the TV its self is not the worst I have had either. Its easy to connect the TV to the phone with mirroring function, this is the easiest way for me as I find its a pain typing out letters with the remote. The TV is not too heavy though it has a 50" screen, I actually lifted onto the wall on my own very easily.To me the picture quality is very good, it seems to make low res look very good somehow. I give it 8/10

  13. you say and show this  " the tv comes with two remotes"  but sony fail to  give  two  with this  tv   hmm 

  14. this a new tv? because i can find very little info about it

  15. does this tv have PIP and PAP?

  16. How do you properly calibrate a TV?

  17. thelolmachine27

    Great review, thanks 🙂 How can I find the calibration details?

  18. so this has better PQ than 2014's flagship 955, but does not have triluminos display. Hmm I think last years W905 still wins over both of these and one should go for that. 

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