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SONY BRAVIA 2014 – KDL50W829 TV Review



  1. James Craddock

    What's with the mask

  2. Syed Imad Akhtar

    I want to buy this tv now would you still recommend it? and what problems (if any) you had till now on this model?

  3. DEATH TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  4. the whole time i was just watching that batman movie ;)


  6. MadPropzBaller

    Does the 55 inch version have all the same specs as this one? Great review btw!

  7. that sluggish part really kills me xDDD this review was alright but i think you shouldve did it over but great job bro 🙂 sony ftw

  8. Gay shit

  9. Ruben Voortman

    Great video, sounds/looks like a sensational TV. But is there now, in 2015, a newer (maybe better) version of this model that i should buy? Or should I just buy this one?

  10. Really good review +THE K.O GAMES SHOW!, the upload is most appreciated man! I've just got myself a flat of my own and I've been looking at proper TVs to replace my little 22". I've yet to hear or see anything that would stop me buying this Sony. I don't know what camera you used, but the picture really looks top quality even on Youtube. I get what you say about the interface and remote, but I can live with that. You're spot-on about the deep blacks & contrast on a TV, it makes a lot of difference.
     You're also dead right about the buying/testing experience when going to a shop; the best home cinema/hifi audio dealers will take their time to please YOU. The best will sit you down, offer you tea or coffee, then let you totally call the shots as to what stuff you want to test, and what movies/music/games you want to play through it. You're paying a lot of your hard-earned money, you should be given the conditions to make the best decision for you.

  11. Thanks a lot for posting this video man. I found it very useful. The 2015 lineup is going to be released on April and I will look for the 2015 version of this model (W800C). I will definitely buy one.

  12. Great Video!
    Does anyone notice, noise/grain while playing games. (Like Film Grain) .
    I never know if its in the game, or if it's my PS4, or TV settings.
    I've noticed it on "THE LAST OF US" & "P.T."

  13. Can someone help me? Mine turns of then on every 2 to 3 minuets, and somethings when it goes off it blinks red does any body else have this problem!!

  14. Great review mate i've just orderd the 55inch version 

  15. Nice set man, i have the 2013 w9 and its a beast enjoy!

  16. What's the HRZ of your TV

    Cause mine is a 60hrz with True Motionflow XR 240hrz

    Im getting a Sony Bravia kdl48w600b 48" 1080p LED SMART TV

    Color, clarity and detail at their best with X-Reality™ PRO
    Lifelike movement with Motionflow™ XR 240
    Loud, clear surround sound and dialogue with Clear Audio+ technology
    Stream HD entertainment wirelessly with built-in Wi-Fi®1
    Customize shortcuts for quick access to online videos2

  17. Good point about 50" image quality being better as compared to a 42". I am thinking of getting the same 50" model also.

  18. flyersluver4eva

    Can you reassure me this tv is good for gaming? I'm getting it next week 

  19. Julius Pamaong

    Is it better than lg 42ub820t?

  20. Maximus Von hugendong

    Great review might be getting this TV very soon keep it up!

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