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Sony Bravia 40″ Smart TV Review



  1. can u get Pandora on there?

  2. How is it now 2yrs later. i may pick this model up from best buy this week. love the colors on this tv. not so faded and grainy like the newer models and different brands i saw.

  3. Hello. I hope you can help me. I will be buying a 40 inch smart tv that sony offers…i would want to know if sony KLV-40R550A and klv40r552c are the same model? Do they belong to the R550 series? And why isn't there video reviews for these models??

  4. i have this tv too. like it but can i go somehow to google play to get more apps ??

  5. This screen has Android?

  6. Is there a tv with the same picture quality without the crappy Smart features?

    Im losing my mind trying to find a great picture television. I don't need Smart features, or anything, just a great picture for tv movies games Wii U etc.

  7. Tenderloin Salmon

    SONY always had that "vivid" like colors, just like android Xperia phone camera.
    was planning this tv for battlefront™ 2015 or cheap one samsung non smart-tv.

  8. Can this tv play PS3 games yet. And how. Dvd/blu ray player built in? Downloadable content only? Where did you hear this. I can't locate anything online about that feature.

  9. Silviu Simionescu

    I have the same tv!!

  10. Hello Techy Owl,Thank you for putting this video on YouTube.Its was most helpful.
    It's not 3d is it?
    Wishing you and your family a happy,healthy and stress free 2016.
    Take care Angie

  11. marianette medina

    how do i access the apps menu? like you have at 1:50? i turn on my tv and i press my home button on my remote but i want to add hulu. how do i add hulu to my tv?

  12. how to add netflix on bravia smart tv

  13. is the Sony KDL40W600B and kdl40w705cbu the same?

  14. Sherie Mcclelland

    does this tv get hulu and is it blue tooth enabled..i am a bit nervous since i did purchase a refurb,from walmart,taking the chance,but since walmart is right down the st i can return if there are any issues.i heard stories about problems with remote

  15. i got a sony bravia kdl40ex700, when i open it the power board is sony, but hte mother and t con board is made of sharp its a junk tv

  16. model ?

  17. what series is this please? thanks. I am thinking of buying a W700c.

  18. Can I use Hulu plus on this

  19. spotify works in this tv?

  20. you have or your parents have?

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