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Sony Bravia KDL50R550A unbox & review



  1. Салют)) Посмотрели видео. Понравилось) Лайк) Заходите в гости))))
    Hi! great video! Like))) Welcome to my channel)))

  2. You got a lot of hits here…how much did YouTube pay you I. The end for all your views

  3. السلام

  4. Moonman Productions

    5:25 Caillou my nigga!!!! hell ya

  5. ernesto guevara

    great vid man !

  6. awesome

  7. Kane Pathammavong

    I love it!

  8. Hola saben cual es el error 5010 en sony? 😭

  9. OTA (broadcast) tv is quite better then cable. More bandwith…

  10. Giovanni Gonzalez

    How do you play it on 1080p cuz mine says 720p. Can you tell me how to change that?

  11. Nice video:)

  12. Nice ! Where are these made ?

  13. SymphonicAngel

    Haha nice review!! And Sony is better than Apple, actually the iPhone uses camera's made by Sony. :)

  14. Im getting mine but it's possible kinda similar to yours but mine is
    SONY KDL48W600B 48" 1080P LED SMART TV
    And I will probably will feel the same way as how you are with yours
    Except that mine is 2 inches less than yours

  15. So how's the picture quality? 😛 I just ordered my soon to be TV, the Sony KLD50W805B. Gonna be a major improvement from my current 8 year old LG. :P

  16. Do 3d glasses come with it and remote?

  17. We didn't get to see you actually take it out of the box but a tip for everyone else is to open it from the bottom. Too hard to lift out from the top.

  18. How much did it cost…

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