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Sony Bravia X850D Review



  1. KrGsMrNKusinagi0

    I think people complain about the lighting because its EDGELIT not backlit.. A keen eye can tell the difference usually but yea the 850D is awesome

  2. I agree this is a great tv I love playing with my ps4 pro and it looks amazing thank you for giving this t.v. some love

  3. I've had this t.v. for 7 days and I have tried every type of settings possible to stop the white light or the clouding crap when it shows a scene that's dark is only when it happens.

  4. I really appreciate your review I was looking at this TV and then I compared it to the Z9d model and that is the premium top of the line model but since this TV does well in the dark I can grab this one and then save my money up for other one later. so once again thank you for this review I will be grabbing my 850 later this month just in time for my birthday in April

  5. It's funny how people try to put the Sony down and say it's IPS and contrast is low and bla, bla, bla. I've been around electronics a long time and I'm telling you the Samsung SUCKS!! The color saturation in over kill the motion refresh is terrible. when I had it for 6 days before the back peeled off I tried everything to fix the motion and it was not working, and yes I know what I'm doing. So if your getting 8000 series TV to watch sports run far away from this tv. The picture was good but had to many other issues that made it bad. I was reluctant on the Sony because of contrast and I must say WRONG, it has good contrast but not as good as the Samsung but at least I can watch spots without the blur. the Sony in my opinion is a better TV all around put together but the Samsung had some good things too but to call the Sony junk like some people on this sight doest know what they are talking about. Buy the Sony people because I've had both and it's just better.

  6. i just bought this tv in 65 " from best buy it was on sell for 1,300 brand new with everthing hdr 4k its a great tv great video

  7. this tv is full of light bleed fake hdr. i return it for samsung ks8000 and omg its amazing its hdr no light bleed

  8. after four months i had terrible light bleed …so be very careful 🙁

  9. 4K TV – 240p video. Nice.

  10. treybeantown Trey Davis

    Are you using the DCI color space? I have this same tv an to me using that CS looks fantastic

  11. Do you have problems when watching dark scenes in a no light environment? I know IPS panels are not the best in offering black as black, but I am just wondering about this as I want this TV to pair it with my PS4 Pro in my man cave and I usually play with all the lights off! 🙂

  12. Great review found this very helpful. I just bought the 85 inch model. Waiting for best buy to reliever it. Merry Christmas!!

  13. Clinton W Salvato

    Hi Tony,
    I wanted to respond to your comment about the reviews about the screen problems. TV manufactures often use different thrid party panels in their TVs and that's where you run into quality variations even between the same model. It's also possible that while the specs specify a specific panel type Based on quality differences, it's also possible the panel type used between units of the same model can also differ, even though they aren't supposed to.

    With all this said the ones having issue either ended up with a defective panel or a panel of lesser quality. I own the 43" X800D which is Sony's smaller sized TV of this series . I am loving the quality as well.

  14. No offence but in your picture you look white but yet, you sound like a black guy…😂

  15. what is the difference between sony kdx8500D and sony XBRx850D

  16. Nick Gianakopulos

    What settings do you use for the best picture quality???

  17. why not 144p 🙂

  18. Yakkuji's Kitchen

    Guys you may way to see this as well https://youtu.be/dJw2pC9ukY8

  19. remote is all times best made my opinion, not really miserable buttons, i love sony remote

  20. Toney's Reviews


    This is a link to actually see the tv in 4K

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