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SONY BRAVIA X930d Review – 4K HDR TV – CES 2016


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  1. bad input lag for gaming?

  2. I like my big bulky speakers on my x930c 🙁 Super Slim tvs have no quality sound. And yes I know you're like "a tv this big you're gonna have a stereo setup". Well I don't. The x930c is my bed room tv.


  4. Emanuel Santiago

    What is that I never herd of it

  5. Emanuel Santiago

    $3000 warranty for 3 years

  6. 1080p best low baject tv, VU, HAIRE, SVL, NOBEL, etc, plz help ? manly picture qulety? plz help?

  7. One man army Knowledge

    Would it be a good pc gaming tv or should I get a monitor ?

  8. Tiberias Denmark

    the 930d and 940d, is pure porn for a tech nerd.

  9. Emanuel Santiago

    Nice tv I just gat one

  10. Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin

    I hated the speakers and stand on previous models.

  11. You know what..?   I fell for all this crap last year and shelled out for the ''all bells and whistle's'' 65X930C.A lot of money for a lot of trouble and grief for a product not fit for purpose.Go to Sony's own forum pages for a reveal on the extent of the problems remaining unfixed and features not available(yet advertised so) on the current 2015 Android TV's by reading the protests of loyal Sony buyers,.. as I once was.

  12. Oh my gosh the price!

  13. Pietro Di Meglio

    I really badly want this! It's a shame the stand looks so bad though!

  14. The Master Drive technology and 4000 nit output was only on a 85" prototype that was on display…not on the 93D or 94D unfortunately.

  15. This will probly be my next one if the price is right in a year or so on the 75" model as a replacement for the 8505b I have today. I really can´t say anything bad about the 85050b except for the microdimming that it´s missing and it get´s quite annoying when only a few pixels are bright and then it´s a second or two of completly black inbetween like if you watch a tv show and the credits roll. Kinda hard to explain in english, it´s not my native tounge.

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