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Sony Internet TV Review (NSZ-GS7 Set Top Box)


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  1. Mahatharan Kathalingam

    I have enternet erro on my Google tv NSZ-GS7 how can I fix it

  2. " Can someone please help me? I can't seem to be downloading anything from google, it keeps giving me an error, it says file cannot be retrieved from server, now I have factory resetted the box added and removed numerous accounts on google, cleared cache and data and google playstore, I also added a credit card and stayed a whole night to fix this box for my 5 year old nephew and couldn't fix it last night so I called sony and sony told me their not going to do anything about it they kept switching me to different people telling me to wait a second they will help me and another person picking up and asking me what's wrong and I had to explain my story again, I can still use Chrome and etc but even downloading through chrome won't open because I probably don't have a Downloader installed thanks to playstore if anyone can resolve this issue please help me or this is discontinued and old

  3. you know, people look at this as a new technology but what this guy was able to do in this video you were able to do on Web TV plus back in 1998….minus the apps and netflix. but Yes, it was a Sony Web TV unit and it actually looks like this box and you were able to watch live TV and search on the internet at the same time.

  4. Can anyone tell me in their opinion what would be the modern day equivalent to "WebTV". meaning a dedicated internet box with full broswer and built in memory that support many formats. Our Samsung Smart TV had a built in web browser but besides our wifi speed, the things seem slower than the web TV I used between 1998 and 2003. does the modern day equivalent of web TV even exist? And I don't mean Roku or Amazon fire TV or anything. Thanks!

  5. I have a set top box for my tv as my tv is too old for free to air. Does the sony pick up free channels?

  6. Sony has to fix the flash player problems

  7. I like mine I don't like the flash plugin crashes. Sometimes the keyboard on the remote takes a while to connect. But damn its like a small computer with a 4gb hard rive. for 140 bucks its a deal. The game downloads suck 80 percent of them don't work. It wont work for Youknow and some webcam type chat programs.

  8. Thank you very much. since two weeks I'm looking for the appropriate Streaming Player or the set TV Box Which do I realy need . Roku, Apple TV , logitech revue, netgear neo TV ,Asus cube , Samsung Home Sync , Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player. but I couldn't decide. After watching this video gonna buy this device. Asus cube is a v good device but i think Sony is the best.

  9. so which is better this sony (ZSZ-GS7) 
    or Apple t.v (Jailbreak) 
    or the Roku 3 ???

  10. How is the video quality with movies/videos when using the web browser? Does it have the 1channel app? I might get one

  11. The next time I buy a TV I expect to have all these app functions implemented in the TV so that I don't need a set top box.
    The remote is VERY cool though.
    My friend has a new LG TV which is a true smartTV (all kinds of apps implemented) and it has a point and click remote(like the wii) but it is still missing the smal QWERTY keyboard for when you are browsing.

  12. what the hell is GOOGOO TV?

  13. Deception, i thought it was more android friendly…lacks of good programs for streaming videos that i can get on my phone and ipad even, google crome instaled is a bad version of the original one i was expecting something better..selling it now on ebay.

  14. does this one play flash videos?

  15. So you have to have a cable box with hdmi to use this thing??

  16. Just picked up one today. It was not around when I originally got the smp200 which plays nice but has a terrible web browser and extremely difficult entry method.

    This one does exactly what I need it for which is streaming inet vids. Tested in the store before taking it home so knew exactly how it would work. thanks for the review.

    Keeping netflx but have not used cable or sat service for the last year and a half. Great idea.

  17. Thank you for the video.

  18. Francesco Russo

    Good review! Cool!

  19. BEASTthisIndustry

    I'm seriously ready to buy this… but the one thing stopping me is talk of limitations.

    Seems like it runs full Android 3.x. Does that mean I'd have no problem side-loading APKs or having my own choice of apps if I dislike the built-in network player? Can I plug in a USB gamepad and play a game like DEAD TRIGGER?

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