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Sony KD X8505 (X85) 4K TV Review



  1. Peter Mitchell

    This tv is already obsolete, it does not support UHD blu-ray.

  2. can i download codi app at this tv?

  3. I bought this TV a month ago. Excellent so far but the picture for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 is just too dark. I tried every combination of settings (Limited & Full RGB, turn the Light-sensor on/off, etc.) but I always end up turning up the brightness. That works but then the picture gets "milky", pale, washed out.

    The mid and high color range is excellent it's just that "black is to black" if you what I mean. And no, it's not "crushed blacks". Both consoles are and the TV are set to "Limited RGB" though the problem remains with "Full RGB". I think it's just the Blacklight technology. I used a Sony 32" LCD before and the contrast was perfect.

  4. Rasmus Christian Outzen Petersen

    Is 200 Hz enough for fast moving scenes in movies?

    Same question as pteroisV: Does this model support extended dynamic range?


  5. What are these like for gaming? I saw one in a shop and the picture wasn't very good. My mate reakons on some tv's they don't set them up properly in store to make other's loom better

  6. Edge led it's really a problem with the movies , we have a light in the dark it's really problematic.

  7. Does this model support extended dynamic range?
    Would you recommend the Sony X85 or the Samsung HU7500? 

  8. Developer Artist

    definitely much better looking than the earlier ones, especially in the kick stand

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