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Sony KDL60W630B User Review 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV



  1. which button on the remote is the fav channel button?

  2. TinyTubThumper

    Thank you!

  3. Perhaps Best Buy employees don't work on commission but they do care about numbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DvSl58Qxec

  4. Luis Escamilla

    Thanks for the review! It was great, just what I was looking for!

  5. how can I add a facebook app to this tv

  6. what's jared foogle doing on youtube

  7. areuter727, do you use this TV for gaming much? Is the response time/input lag on this TV good for gaming?

  8. I'm thinking about purchasing this Tv for the one feature it is suppose to have that you didn't mention…….does it have a picture in picture feature where you can switch and view two different channels providing you have a different source for the second input at the same time. If it doesn't then I'm gonna pass on this one…….Thanks

  9. Nelson Mercado

    can i hook up a wireless bluetooth keyboard with this tv?

  10. Can you put your screen settings in the description, so that I can change my settings exactly to yours? Also have you found a better deal on any other TVs, or do you recommend getting this TV over others at this price range?

  11. Chris Radcliffe

    Just watched you review and you did an amazing job my friend. Also it was your review that made the deciding factor to purchase this TV. Very pleased. Good job.

  12. My brother has this and loves it. He is a huge Movie and Gamer and only says great things. So I went to best buy and they have a open box fro $675. Im buying today!

  13. Thanks for the review, just bought the TV :)

  14. I bought this TV and I use it probably 75% for gaming. Which I'm beyond happy with, for gaming this TV is perfect. I haven't looked up the proper settings for watching movies this is what I'm doing now. But when I watch movies either streaming netflix, or with the blue ray with the ps4 I can't get a good picture. The best way I can describe is it, it almost looks like it has white noise mixed into the picture. I change through all the preset options like cinema, sports, auto and I'm really not happy with it. The sports setting is what I usually end up going with, but I just feel light I'm missing something. Any advice?

  15. Is it not to high on the wall?

  16. Ryan De la Vega

    Thank you for the review, I have the same TV and it is amazing!!! Can you do me a sold, can you provide a list of your calibration settings found in the picture adjustments?

  17. Hi

    I disagree, the soap opera is my favorite feature about modern TV.  I could not watch any TV without the TruMotion (soap opera) effect.  It change the way I watch TV, movies, and sports.

  18. How's the 3-D feature?

  19. Feroza Kakuzai

    LOL he looks like lester from Gta 5

  20. I use my an app on my cell phone as a remote! :)

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