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Sony W7 Series Smart Full HD LED TV KDL42W705BBU – AO.com Review



  1. Abdul Momen Swehli

    hi can you help me with the name of the app that allwoud you to use your phoe as touchpad

  2. Lυκαs Wατchεr

    Danke für das Video hat mir echt sehr geholfen!!

  3. Good review, thanks for showing the back also

  4. hi,is this ideal for sports and gameing and films.

  5. pfft, in depth review my ass, he's just covering basics, if you want a in depth review on ANY tv, I'd check out rtrings or avforums.

  6. sampurnaramsysnam

  7. Thanks for these videos

  8. Is this 4k?

  9. Hello.. I was thinking about buying Sony KDL-W700B… But at the showroom when I connected my Ext. HDD (in exFAT format) the TV simply couldn't find mp4/mkv files larger than 15GB, it kept on searching & searching. Can you tell me why that happened? Or any solution? Anything to do via software update? One thing to mention is that later I tried the Samsung smart tv (H5500), & it played everything smoothly. But I want to buy the Sony one, as I prefer Sony's picture quality more.

  10. Would the Football mode be good for other stadium sports like Rugby or American Football? 

  11. I couldn't care less about the speakers on this. I have a surround sound system 

  12. Hi guys!! I am really confuse which one from Sony TV I should take, sony W605 or W705???
    Will there be a huge difference between those two, because I will save like 100 euro if I go for the W605.
    I hope to hear from you guys soon!!
    Thanks again

  13. Simple best review. Thanks Dude :)

  14. Does the 200hz function of this TV work well? Does it make for example a normal movie as smooth as 60 fps? 

  15. Sony should make a bundle with ps4, bravia series are the best for gaming

  16. What is the name of the application that copied the one flick remote?

  17. I have this TV.  Love the design, picture and sound.  Only problems are:

    1) Menus are super slow to load and jerky. Takes about 2 mins out of standby before you can get into settings.
    2) Lacking apps like 4od, itv player – £10 nowtv box has these and more.
    3) Does not pass 5.1 sound to receiver via optical, you must use HDMI.

  18. Well I went for this TV in the end as don't really need 3D  only had it a few hours though. 

  19. Would this be an upgrade over my LGPK350 50 inch Plasma?
    I don't have enough money for the 50 inch set but think 42 inch should be just big enough in my bedroom?  

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