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Sony W706/ W705 KDL 32W706 TV Review



  1. AwesomePS4Gaming750 AUTTP

    Is this a gaming tv and is there a input lag on game mode?

  2. AwesomePS4Gaming750 AUTTP

    WHY INPUT LAG EXIST?!!!!!!!!!

  3. dream~traveler

    how is the input lang in game mode ?

  4. xneverwalkalonex

    does it have USB ports in an accessible area like on the side? from what I've seen they're only on the back. that's no good for me and honestly bad design if so.

  5. Can't find this anywhere in the UK now…. >:(

  6. Can anyone tell me what the best calibration settings are? Or what ones were used in this video?

  7. Hi guys!! I am really confuse which one from Sony TV I should take, sony W605 or W705???
    Will there be a huge difference between those two, because I will save like 100 euro if I go for the W605.
    I hope to hear from you guys soon!!
    Thanks again

  8. Ionut Mihalache

    Anyone know it's specs? Cpu, ram, storage

  9. how many hz have it? 200 or 60? its more important to me, because i want use it for to game on ps4..

  10. wonderful!!!  the best 32" so far

  11. Just got this tv set today. The manual included is very basic. Useless actually. Great tv set though. Should be being from Sony and costing £429. Didn't know it had a satellite tuner though.

  12. Using this TV as a PC Monitor would I have noticable imput lag ?

  13. I know this is based out in the UK but is this model of sony, identical to the w700b model based out here in North American? Please help me out here, I am having trouble figuring out if the input lag and the features (etc.) are all identical!

  14. How do you calibrate the colours? To be as accurate as in this video after calibration?

  15. does it support 60 hz because i read somewhere that it's a 50 hz tv and the motion is horrible on 50 hz tv's

  16. Link to the review?

  17. Hi which would you recommend : LG lb650v or this Sony? 

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