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Sony Wearable Personal 3D TV Headset Unboxing and Review – Unpacked



  1. Lol, the price had me laughing out loud. Fuck that shit, you can buy a kick ass large tv screen for that money.

  2. if the price drops maybe, how come this thing is so expensive and the PS VR so cheap? it doesn´t makes sense

  3. sao fans… is this the closest we can get to a nerve gear lol

  4. I would not, good sir.

  5. Savecityofheroes Savecityofheroes

    So How much is this wonder toy is worth?

  6. I would buy one with good 3d and good headphones I like that the screen is close to get ride of any distractions from 3d I'd like the screen to be very crisp I am a near sighted person so not working with glasses would be fine as this screen is well in my focal point most likely I would be willing to pay $1500 at most for one but only if picture and sound where truly imersive for this I'd probably pay 700 

  7. I ordered mine from Japan for $550, downside is that everything is in Japanese and no English selection. Not hard to figure out anyway

  8. That's a Oculus Rift

  9. i don't think that looks funny at all… 

  10. Hello. I shit money and I bought 3 of these because i am a rich moron who throws money around like a Frisbee. Although soon i will be living in a cardboard box begging for money from poor people. Have a nice day. ^_^

  11. The MSRP is $999.99

  12. can u watch youtube on it

  13. I was just waiting for the price, sony, have you learnt nothing? If this reflects the cost of the morpheus then 99% of playstation players are going to be really pissed.

  14. RiowTigerHatake

    i would like to see a motorcycle helmet versus going wifi or bluetooth. it would have the battery inside and no wires unless charging. still a little weird looking but less.

  15. Those headphones look professional :)

  16. New and improved shudder virtualboy

  17. I have one like this and its amazing. Movies and games and watch from phone or ipad, ps4 and pc. The picture quality is very good.
    Dont worry about 720p, no pixels.

  18. Is it like the Oculus Rift or not?

  19. why sit up in a chair, when you can lie down and watch a movie. Lol.

  20. $1200 dollar price tag, and not compatible with glasses kind of kills it for me the most, and any improvements i can think would make it bulkier and more expensive. aside from adding 1080p capability, maybe the screens could be put on a micro rail for adjustments to broaden the spectrum of people. Bluetooth capability would eliminate some wires with the headset, and possibly allow for a mic in a gamer-up.  But again those would make it even more prohibitive towards the market despite widening the range/quality.

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