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Sony X930C 4K UHD TV – Review



  1. Just bought this tv for $1800 and I couldnt be any happier. Only complaint is that its not full array like the 940c. My issue is the 940c is just to damn big to put anywhere in my house so I had to get the smaller tv which isnt as high spec :S Should of totally been full array.

  2. did he say 2015?

  3. Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin

    the speakers are ugly.

  4. sexydanny21awesome

    Dolby is already working on HDR 12 stop saying future proof!

  5. The new lg oled coming this year with HDR will shit all over Sony. Even Panasonic jumped on the oled bandwagon and is coming with some quality displays this year. Sony fall back, you already lost!

  6. Why not curved?

  7. Let's hope you don't take this long to review the 2016 model.

  8. I'm getting this one next week

  9. Fuck this LCD shit. It's all about the OLED!

  10. This is the 2015 TV. Its price hopefully will drop quick. Although today the pre-orders for the 2016s were announced. http://www.technobuffalo.com/2016/02/16/sonys-new-4k-hdr-ultra-hd-tvs-up-for-preorder-hit-stores-in-march/

    The flagship 2015 tvs might be the first tvs that are somewhat future proofed. Although would recomend to anyone wait. Wait until the TVs support both HDR10, Dolby Vision and the VP9 version 2. These will be the three predominate high dynamic range standards. Really 2016 should be the first year of TVs one should buy if you want to buy a TV for 5-10 years.

  11. This is last years model?. Smells like an advertisement for Sony to help run out old stock!

  12. isn't this last years model ? new series is XBR-X930D

  13. Why would anyone "make an investment" on something like this when OLED is available?

    oh, right… the rich and clueless

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