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Sony XBR 930D – Review



  1. D-Nasty's Noise

    Cheap plastic overpriced garbage!

  2. Best review yet love this tv

  3. Super Steel Man

    Hi!  I need help please!  I have a Sony 65" X930D.  I hooked up a Samsung UHD 4K Player (Model # UBD-KM85C) with an AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI cable to my TV.  When I put in an HDR 4K movie, the picture mode automatically goes into HDR.  However, my problem is that some movies I put in looks awful like DVD quality such as Batman V Superman, Amazing Spider-Man 2, & Hancock.  When I put in The Revenant & Pacific Rim, it actually looks ok but not all that good.  So what am I doing wrong?  Is it the HDMI cable I'm using?  Something in the settings?  Please help!

  4. AlternativeDesign100

    anyone know what make and model those speakers are with the yellow midranges in them in this video??

  5. What's the nit numerical rating?

  6. Clinton W Salvato

    Have you evaluated the X800D series? it's the same model and features essentially shrunk down to a budget sized TV and for those of us who don't have space for a larger screen. I got the 43" X800D and it has a VA Panel also has HDR and is 4k. While my off center viewing is limited because of panel type when looking at the TV directly, the picture is great. For sound I have a 2.1 sound bar. Not going to invest in surround for an apartment setting. Would have loved a larger TV, but don't currently have room. I did like the review though.

  7. Hi There. I know you are a very busy person but need help choosing my next 4K TV. I’ve never owned a 4K TV so need some help choosing. I’ve narrow it down to two options the Samsung KS9000 series 65 inch or Sony X930D series 65 inch. Which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  8. Maxime Larouche

    mines had no bend or bad 3D. But green shadows tint!

  9. 6 months on and SONY has yet to address the terrible 3D crosstalk on the 65” model. It’s honestly the worst I’ve ever seen. We need to urge people not only not to buy this set but to pressure Best Buy and Amazon from selling it to unsuspecting Black Friday customers who will buy it expecting high end 3D playback. SONY should not be rewarded for their false advertising. BUYER BEWARE

  10. Android Lolipop is the bad option from SONY. Things could be better with a own O.S.

  11. how did you get that that perfect white screen 01:11? can yiu tell me your picture settings

  12. Hows it 3d Performance?

  13. I just dont think its a huge step up over my X930C. I prefer the huge speakers and quality sound over the thinness. I do however wish they'd go full array on all their high end tvs.

  14. Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin

    Comes with an ancient remote control from the stone age. It has a lot of lag for gaming and doesn't do anything in particular very well. 4K image is not as good as Samsung and is more expensive. Come back Sony when you create a proper 4K T.V

  15. Love this channel! Those Fluance Signature tower speakers looks awesome! When can we expect a review of their revised towers??

  16. Adellyn Marie Solis

    OK.. I got my 65x930d. My concern is; why is it that when it is a dark scene or when I play a part in a game where it is dark.. the blacks are leaving this bluish smear when I pan the camera around. I love the picture of the TV during bright and well lit scenes but in the dark.. it gets really annoying! imagine a dark grey background and a square black box in the middle.. when the box moves it leaves a blue/purple trail. What is this? is this something I should be worried about??

  17. Adellyn Marie Solis

    I purchased this 4KTV today and just now waiting for the delivery. I've read about the "bend" issue and the crosstalk issue with the 3D mode. I'm crossing my fingers mine won't be affected. I love the Sony brand so I hope this one won't dissapont me.

  18. Armando Hernandez

    Which 2016 4k tv do you recommend for video-games consoles?!

  19. if compare to last yr model x940c, which one better? x940c or x940c? pls comment pls. thanks

  20. Charles Wallman

    i own the 65 inch model of this

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